EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Winter Cup - WINNER OF TOURNAMENT: HINQ! - Thank you Relynar for making badges!

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Group 1:
Div versus RMS: Xauna
Div versus BT: Port At Amor
RMS versus BT: Port At Amor

Group 2:
HINQ versus RO: Xauna
HINQ versus DR GOW TW: Port At Amor
RO versus DR GOW TW: Port At Amor

Group 3:
DR versus HV[m]: Xauna
DR versus HINQ 3: Port At Amor.
HV[m] versus HINQ 3: Port At Amor

Group 4:
HV versus KW: Xauna
HV versus Hinq 2: Port At Amor
KW versus HINQ 2: Port At Amor

Matchup available:
Xauna: Asarai v Battania

Port at Amor: Sturgia vs Khuzait.
This is in the spoiler called: Groupstage matches.
These are the maps and faction matchups that your team are supposed to play. I will spoiler them again after the groupstage is done.



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It is already in the title. But if you don't play your matches before 21 November ends then who ever is in the top of the group table will be send into the next round of the tournament. Even if that team only played 1 match.
Group stage matches can't be played after 21st of November.

On Monday in the afternoon I will stream the randomization of the single elimination part of the tournament. Will record this stream as well and upload it to youtube.
-> Just for your information: I will randomize it, but the number 1 of each group will play against a number 2 of another group, who this will be will be randomized though. So in the first round of single elimination you can't play against the same team you already played against in the group stage.
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