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Bannerlord Twitch (BLT)
This is a modification for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord that adds Twitch integration to the game. This allows events in a Twitch stream to trigger actions in game, for instance redemption of Channel Point Rewards, or specific chat messages.

See it in Action

  • Define Channel Point Rewards, along with their in game effects (using the provided custom built configuration UI), they will be automatically added to your channel for you, and removed again when the game exits
  • Define Bot Commands for non Channel Points interactions, with optional limits such as subscriber only commands
  • Provides an extensibility framework allowing for other mods to register action effects and command handlers
  • Comes with the Adopt a Hero module, allowing viewers to "adopt" an in-game hero, improve them, and perform actions with them in game
  • Comes with the BLT Buffet module, allowing viewers to perform various actions to spawned agents in game (the player, friendlies, enemies) such as temporary stat changes, attached particle effects, triggering sounds, scaling the character up or down.
  • Comes with an overlay window to which all responses can be directed, reducing chat spam
  • Comes with a custom configuration UI, and built in Twitch authentication
Adopt a Hero
This is the first example action suite that comes with BLT.
Viewers can "adopt" an in-game hero of types that can be specified in the config -- this will give the in-game hero the viewers name, and allow further interactions with them:
  • Upgrade battle equipment, civilian equipment, and horse
  • Buy skill points, attribute points, focus points
  • Summon to the player when they are in missions (including battle, siege, arena, village and town), on the player or enemies side
  • Win / lose gold at the end of battles or fights, depending on the outcome
  • Join tournaments
  • Call commands to show their health, gold, last known location, skills, attributes, equipment
BLT Buffet
This is the second example action suite that comes with BLT.
So far it contains an action/handler called CharacterEffect that is aimed at performing temporary changes to agents that are spawned in missions (i.e. in battle, siege, village, town walkabouts etc., NOT on the map view).
The changes can only last until the end of the mission at most, and can be limited by time also.
Possible changes:
  • Many agent stats, including things like swing speed, run speed, mount speed, armor, shield skill, courage, etc.
  • Agent scaling: make giants or dwarves!
  • Apply damage or healing over time
  • Force the agent to drop their weapons and be unable to pick any up
  • Remove an agents armor
  • Apply a damage multiplier to all the agents hits
  • Play particles and sounds at the start and end of the effect
  • Attach particles to the agent, their weapon, head, hands, or everywhere on their body
Installation Instructions

The mod requires 1.5.10, if there is interest I can make a 1.5.9 version as well.
The installation guide video includes installing the modules, setting the mod order, authorization, and setting up the overlay:

Manual installation steps:
  1. Install Bannerlord Harmony.
  2. Unzip to the Bannerlords Modules directory (by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules). It should create the BannerlordTwitch directory, and the BannerlordTwitch.dll should be at Modules\BannerlordTwitch\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\BannerlordTwitch.dll
    It should also create the BLTAdoptAHero, BLTBuffet, and BLTConfigure directories.
  3. Run the launcher, make sure Harmony loads first and Bannerlord Twitch loads after the game modules and before any BLT extensions:

  4. Run the game.
  5. The mod should popup in game messages to indicate that it requires authorization and is disabled.
  6. Tab out of the game and use the BLT Configure window to Authorize:
    a. Click the Authorize button on the Auth tab
    b. It should open a new browser window or tab, showing a twitch authorization page (you may need to sign in to twitch first)
    c. Click the authorize button at the bottom of the page
    d. You should get a confirmation message, after which you can close the browser and go back to the BLT Configure window, which should now display Authorized in green if it was successful
  7. Close and then restart the game.
  8. During startup watch for notification messages in the BLT Overlay window, that indicate if the mod initialized successfully and connected to your Twitch channel.
  9. Once you get to the main menu in game it should be initialized, and the default Channel Rewards should have been created automatically. You should also see the bot in your twitch channel.
Trouble Shooting
If you have problems you can search for [BLT] lines in the rgl_log files at C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\logs. I added logging for everything so you should see failures and critical errors in here.
If you need help then join the Discord.

Writing an Extension
You can implement new reward actions and command handlers quite easily:
  1. Make another mod that depends on BannerlordTwitch (in the Submodule.xml, AND reference the dll itself)
  2. Implement a new class derived from IActionHandler (for channel point rewards), ICommandHandler (for bot commands) or ActionAndCommandBase (to make both in one class)
  3. Register instances of your derived classes with the RewardManager, this can be done easily with a call to:
    RewardManager.RegisterAll(typeof(your module class).Assembly);
// Command handler to allow playing a sound effect in game, passed as the argument to the command itself
public class PlaySfx : ICommandHandler
    public void Execute(ReplyContext context, object config)
        // Play the specified sound on the main agent
        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(context.Args) && Agent.Main != null)
                false, true, Agent.Main.Index, -1);

    // We don't need any config for this
    public Type HandlerConfigType => null;
Rewards that have a Handler that matches the class name of your IActionHandler will be passed to your registered instance, along with the HandlerConfig.
Commands work the same, with Handler matching the class name of your ICommandHandler.

Once compiled into a module and installed in the game, your handlers should show up in the BLT Configure tool (make sure the tool is loaded after your modules).

See the BLTBuffet and BLTAdoptAHero projects for some more examples.

Special Thanks To
- for doing my initial functionality testing
- for doing the first live pre-release test
- for doing the first live post-release test, and making a sweet video showing off the mod
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