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My suggestions for Bannerlord' future update:
  1. They should add more variations to the kingdom destruction, such as minor factions taking over the city(s) or castle(s), as well as kingdom clan members becoming more independent and going rogue against their former kingdom.
  2. They should also add the fatigue and resting camp mechanic.
  3. They should expand more on the mechanics of the workshop, which your purchased workshop should be able to use your own trading caravans instead of other merchants caravans.
  4. They should also expand more on rebellion such as the rebels will be able to become more aggressive against their "overlords" through invading their villages, castles, or towns.
  5. They should also expand more on diplomacy.
1. Add a diplomat role in a clan these can boost your deals you make and find npcs uncovering fog of war and arrange meeting.
2. Add feast as a way to gain relations with a lot of npc's at once. You can only do this if you own a castle or city. you pay for servants and food.
3. Add hunts you can like feast invite npc's and go on a hunt these would work like hideout but with animals who ever kills most is head of the hunt and gets a prize and If the player wins gets a boost to relations.
4. Make villages a fief you can up grade. Villages would be given to low level clans say 1 to 3.
5. Add the friends and enemy system friendly npc's will help you in battle if near by and you ask will follow you. Enemies will attack you caravans and hunt you down .
6. Add assassins and thugs the player and npc's can use. plus a spymaster role
7. A cutscene for becoming the top of the leader board of the arena.
8. A 5 yearly special arena event for the top 20 on the leader board and a special arena (say the arena from warband) in this there is a chance of death like in battles but the prize is something big. Legendry Armour or Weapons or something.
9. Dogs let us have a dog or a wolf armour.
10. set up camp to health faster or boost training troops spare with your wanders and family. I you get attacked wile in camp a falt plan of grass of sand what ever with a fortified military camp for the defender. Mini siege in essence.
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