Bannerlord stalemate is ridiculous

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hi everyone,
i bet that half of you here (including the developers) have their life changed a lot since bannerlord announcement.
people got new jobs, gradated from college, got married, became fathers and maybe became busy in their life or even died.
and it's still a stalemate in bannerlord front.
i find it wrong to invest that much time in a project. we have a clock in our life and we do have limited timeline to live on.
specially the so called (gamer life).
i doubt that i can game anymore after a year from now, i will become very busy for (some reasons).
so, thankyou taleworlds for warband, and not thankyou taleworlds for bannerlord.
it took so much time and i will not enjoy it.

note: i wish that everyone will see this as a criticism to the long development & nothing else.
Dude, is your little attachments of people's last words like a forum mod skull collection or something? If so, color me intimidated.
You need to realize our time on these forums is just a brief flash in the darkness of Taleworlds' forum servers room.
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