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Anybody knows if it is possible to change the appearance of my main character in Singleplayer? I've tried clicking everywhere just like it was in Warband but I never found if it's possible.


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I feel so giddy playing this game... Same feeling I had when I first played WB 10 years ago. No other game has ever matched that feeling :smile: Thank you Taleworlds!


I dunno, after 6 hours of playing the SP I gotta say it's kinda underwhelming. I don't know what I expected, but yeah. It's not bad but not great either.

Pros of Bannerlord:
+ Can execute prisoner lords
+ AI seems smarter
+ graphics, obviously

- more to do than in Warband, but still not enough IMO
- character models are weird, seen a lot of bald children and teenagers
- the quests are repetitive and kinda boring
- crashes.


I hear a lot of people crashing around Autumn in campaign. Stutters occur more in singleplayer than multiplayer (rip the servers again lol, too many people playing!!). I believe these are things we can see fixes to relatively quickly. I am very impressed with everything else in singleplayer except the lack of an accompany like there was in Warband (so far). Game is beautiful and I'm excited to keep playing


I really, really dislike how there is no failstate for the Escort Merchant Caravan quests (beyond being wiped out). I lost the caravan I'm supposed to protect and it has been wandering around for months ingame. Its blocking me from otherwise trying to improve relations with a questgiver, and after eventually stumbling into it following it around gave me 6k gold with no effort. It should automatically fail if you go far away or a certain time passes like other quests.
Just to test this I did several quests of the same type and I get the impression bandits are never even able to destroy a caravan on their own.
It just seems really silly and not well thought through.

In general not even being able to cancel quests is really annoying me. 🤦‍♂️


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The map, the buildings and the scenery are delightfully pretty. I expected the game, being early access, to be fairly rough around the edges. But so far it looks fairly polished.
It was worth the wait! For the size of Tale Worlds it's astounding what they've made. So far I haven't had any major issues, thankfully. Performance has been much better then what everyone is reporting for me. Running a Ryzen 5 1600, RX 570 8Gbs, 16 Gbs 3000 DDDR4. I tried out the thousand-person battle and didn't have that many issues few drops below 60, but runs much better then I was expecting. The AI is so much better too, both individually and in their group mentality. I'm about 2 hours into the campaign and spent about an hour messing around in Custom Battles.


The arrow speed seems really slow when compared to warband, and I think there are other ways to nerf archers. Will have to adapt.


Trying to force my way through buggy Autumn is extremely frustrating but I'll keep trying guys. It crashes literally after 1 day of the month, or even less


I have serious lags and fps is very low on very low graphics. And this is the reason i really can't play the game. I have 1050 4gb and intel core i57300hq. Hope game will be optimized
Campaing is just M&B Warband HD mod. Same dialogs, repetitive quests, weird npcs, more difficult swords figting but easier bows. It doesn't feel like 8 years of work to me. It seems Taleworlds just waiting for the modders to finish their work.


So far my experience is eagerly waiting another 3 hours until I can clock out and actually play. Needless to say I'm not productive at all and lurking on the forums.

Thankfully I've got it downloaded and I was able to start it up at least.


Well guys... I made it past Autumn but the issues consist. Crashes every ingame day. Every 1 day that passes it crashes. I had 1 crash for 3 hours until reaching Autumn beforehand. Kind of sad but I'm sure its fixable.


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I have performance issues only visible during big battles. My game stutters in 500 battle size even, from 75 usual it drops to 30-40 fps, and in 1000 battle size it goes down to 15-25.
Tried tweaking any setting, seems as nothing is working so far.
My specs are
i7 7700k
Vega 64 strix
16gb ram
Installed on SSD.
Outside battles game runs smooth even on very high, i really don't have a clue what is going on with battles.


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I'm a bit disapointed by the campaign on bannerlord. At least for now I do not see a lot of major differences with warband except the forge / graphical update / dialogs and few quests. I would have expected more than just a simple remaster. I'm already a bit bored in the campaign map.

I like the game and I'm a fan of m&b but I would have prefered more new exiting things to do.
Maybe they let us some spaces for the modding?
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