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love the game, but as my posts elsewhere will attest, the combat spawn system sucks. and i mean really sucks. and with so much of the game revolving around battle? that really cripples it.

got 900 hours into the game, and part way through a campaign, but cant bring myself to play anymore unless i feel like i have an impact on the field and arent getting blobbed by spawning in ai.

if you guys could address this sooner rather then later that would be awesome.


It's going to be 9 years after Bannerlords first announcement.

Over one year since EA release.

And it feels to me like a repainted nerfed down and cut off Warband - a MVP. A pretty, bad copy.
It's not only the notification log history that is lacking - it's so much..
Sure, combat is kinda fun (AI aside), but what do i fight for?
Where is the sandbox? To me, "sandbox" means handing out playground and the tools and then let the player decide when or where he wants to "get involved" or siege or dispose the economic competitors or die trying..(!)
Where is the innovation? That crafting?! (Charcter portraits are nice)
Why is it still so full of issues and still so empty of life?
Where do all these aimless looters come from?
Are goods actulay consumed or just diffused over the map?
What exactly is dynamic? Over and over the same quests from the same guys in the same location.. doesn't seem that dynamic to me?
What happend in those 9 years?
What have gone wrong?
What will happen?
Is there a roadmap?

I care! But can i hope? :/

Dio Khaan

I wish it was more immersive. I liked it when the Sea Raiders told me they wanted to drink from my skull and/or farmers told me it is almost harvesting season. The main quest and tutorial seem a bit lacking.



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