Bannerlord Quest Redesign

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This is simple for me. I played the quest and i think i understand why it's so bad.
1. time limit.
2. negligible benefit
3. accomplishes nothing

So the easiest way to fix that is simple.
1. make the banner divided in four and constantly in ownership of the rulers of Vlandia, Battania, Sturgia, Southern Empire.
2. everyone knows about the Banner and are actively fighting for it, Hence BANNERLORD.
3. Infinite time
4. Defeated Kingdom don't just all run to the strongest ally instead they would diffuse into individuals until a lord achieved a great victory and creates a new kingdom of his culture.
5. The Dragon Banner Has a killcount on it. It has a score called "Renown" which affects your Army strength and Moral.
*Every Victory provides 1 renown, every victory in which you are out numbered by 2 provides +5.
*Character attributes each provide a 1.5x bonus to the Dragon Banner's Renown score, Negative ones apply a debuff to your opponents Moral instead of benefiting your forces. Complex Characters thusly provide both.


I think even the devs know how bad and half-assed their quest is, so there's definitely going to be some changes regardless. I also feel they're going to put every other quests on the same standard and format.
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