Bannerlord Online is a thing

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Hello guys,

Before I write stuff I am going to say I can't post on where I wanted this topic.

Bannerlord Online is a real Mod and IMO should be looked at by the main company for reason that the game could ascend from it.
The mod is basic AF and doesn't have all the singleplayer aspects but you are walking around on the main map with people.
I am shocked no one commends this feat,this is all we wanted since the first game in what 2012??? I do not give a **** overall on what happens.. BAAA
Damn I want to fight you on the battlefield with your troops...But with equal terms,The mod itself I am basically promoting, is lost and needs real
guidance in balance like CRPG level. Developers' are so into patching the main game I realize that. MaybE Spare a guy?
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