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I personally, as a fan of Taleworlds, think an online campaign would be the greatest edition ever. The current PvP arenas can only sustain the populace for so long. Would love to see player interaction that goes beyond the stereotypical imagination. I have a vision where players can visit each others towns and cities, trade and barter, socialize, drink, dance, and share a game of Tablut with friends and enemies. Players should be able to ally, engage each other as bandits or heroes, share wealth and land, marry and build their own legacies. We as players should be able to wipe out the current NPC kingdoms and forge our own civilisations through war and blood. This will change the game and this is what many of the people want.

Ideas would include
1.) Customizable dialogue when interacting with players. You will write your own dialogue when interacting with players and it can be customized based on in game events.
2.) More civilizations: African, Aztecian, Japanese Kingdoms.
3.) Choose to have a clan of NPCs or PC's, or mixed with both. Able to swap out NPC companions for PC companions in your unit. Maybe even an NPC cap and Player cap per clan so if players are not online you can still use NPC's to continue in your conquest.
4.) Safe zones for small clans 5-10 they can chose to stay small and skirmish against other small PC clans, NPCs etc without having to engage with larger experienced clans, or expand into larger units, leave safe zones and compete for territory map control with your army of 300.
5.) Be a crafter, without getting your hands dirty. Hire a squad of NPC/PC mercenaries to watch your back while you mine out in the world and bring back precious resources for your kingdom.
6.) Set up your own store in town and trade with other players.
7.) Be a Hunter. Instead of loading into a big war, load into a beautiful cinematic land where you can hunt deer, bear, boar and other game. But if you hunt illegally, players can find you, load into your node and hunt you down for breaking the law.

Would love to hear the communities thoughts on these ideas.
A battle royal type mode would be kool not too complicated.... Just weapons laying around make it a 64 players lobby. Players all spawn in or drop from a caravan 😂? Need to make is as simplistic as possible so less bugs lurking 👍

What about monthly events or season events earn more gold. Lots of ideas to imply👍
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