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Summary: Unable to Log into Multiplayer Game Server. I have had this issue as of this post for around 3-4 hours.
I looked on the forums and found the issue is supposed to last only around an hour so thought the post was necessary.
I get the following message when trying to log into the multiplayer server "Couldn't Received Login Result from Server."
I was playing the BRE mod pack, the game froze so I restarted my game and when I tried to login I got this message.
I've tried to play with unmodded, verified game files, reinstalled the game but still getting the above message.
I've tried everything and now stuck on what to do, please could you help as I can't play any multiplayer!
I'm also not sure how to find my BannerLord ID so if required please do let me know how so I can send it over.
Please see below my Steam ID if this helps:
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Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 11
GPU: 3070 Ti
GPU Driver Version: Unknown
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
Motherboard: Unknown
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): 1TB SSD & x2 250gb SSD
Hey, thank you for letting us know. This is a common issue that is fixed automatically. If the issue lasts unnaturaly long to fix itself, please let us know so we can manually intervene. I am glad the problem is solved.
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