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In multiplayer lobby, everytime when i try to reach Armoury, the game is freezing. Only ALT+F4 works to close the game.
How to Reproduce: In lobby, go into armoury. It happens every time.
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Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 10 Education version 20H2
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
GPU Driver Version:
CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz
RAM: 16 GB (2 x 8 DDR4-2400)
Motherboard:Z170-Gaming K3 (U3E1)
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): Crucial_CT525MX300SSD1 (SSD)

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Can you send us the file below after reproducing this issue again? Please keep in mind that the log files will be reset when the game is launched again. It is crucial that you should upload the files right after the issue has happened. Please also note that the ProgramData folder is a hidden folder by default.
C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\logs\rgl_log_xxxxx.txt
You can send me the file via email to arda.gunduz at taleworlds dot com Please include the forum threads URL so that I can find it easily. Thanks!
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