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Singleplayer Mods

NameCategoryVersionLast updateCompatibility
2020 is just the beginningNew game1.0.010/10/2020e1.5.2
2020-2021 TaleWorlds Scene Contest Map PackMaps102/04/2021e1.5.7
2022 Taleworlds "Creative Competition 2": Scene Design Contest PackMaps?10/12/20221.0.2
2022 Taleworlds "Creative Competition 2": 3D Art Contest PackItems?10/12/20221.0.2
Accompany (Follow) PartyMechanics1.0.7 (1.0.8 ) "1.0.9"11/06/2021e1.5.9 (Beta e1.5.10) "Beta e1.6.0"
Additional QuestsMechanics1.1.723/01/2023Beta 1.1.0
Allegiance OverhaulMechanics, Interface2.3.521/02/20231.0.3 & Beta 1.1.0
Alternating Main Menu BackgroundGraphics, Interface1.0.114/11/20221.0.1
Army Arrow CounterInterface1.6.115/10/2022e1.8.1
ANNO DOMINI 1253 - 13th century EuropeTotal convertion1.3.204/05/20231.1.3
Auto Equip CompanionsMechanics1.0.125/11/20221.0.1
Bandit MilitiasMechanics3.19.120/11/20221.0.1
Banner EditorGraphics1.0.501/03/20231.1.0
Banner KingsInterface, Mechanics1.2.7.314/05/20231.1.3
Bannerlord OverhaulItems, Troops3.1.219/11/20221.0.0
Battle RegenerationMechanics2.0.4.4223/11/20221.0.1
Better CombatMechanics2.818/03/20231.1.1
Better Food and ImportsMechanics, Interface1.3.106/03/20231.1.0
Better HorsesGraphics1.6.019/03/20231.1.0
BloodMod - More Blood and GoreGraphics2.102/02/20231.0.3
Blood, **** and Iron - a total troop overhaulTroops0.823/06/2021e1.5.9
Burning EmpireTotal ConversionAlpha 0.0.304/02/20231.0.3
Buy Smithing PartsMechanics, Items1.0.1.1 ( (Beta e1.5.8 )
CA - Blood and SmokeMechanics, Items1.2.920/03/20231.1.1
CA - Eagle Rising - A Roman Themed Empire OverhaulTroops3.1.422/11/20221.0.1
Calradia at WarTroops1.9.515/04/20231.1.2
Calradia ExpandedMap Pack1.1.904/12/20221.0.2
Calradian Troops OverhaulTroops1.0.803/08/2021e1.6.0 & Beta e1.6.1
Captivity EventsTroops1039.0419/05/20231.1.4
Career ExperienceMechanics1.128/02/2023Beta 1.1.0
Carrier - Banners and TorchesGraphics1.5.203/03/20231.1.0
Character ManagerMechanics3.3.103/04/20231.1.0
Chase Em DownMechanics1.0.221/01/20231.0.3
cRPG - Defend the VirginPartial Conversion17206/06/2022e1.7.2
Crusader Kingdoms I - LionheartPartial Conversion1.331/08/2022e1.8.0
CSharp ScriptingUtility1.3.029/08/20221.0.3 & Beta 1.1.0
Cultured StartMechanics, Interface1.1.2722/09/2021e1.6.2
Custom Banners and Uniforms Pack (CBU Pack)Graphicsfor1.1.221/03/20231.1.2
Custom CaravanMechanics1.0.104/02/2023Beta 1.1.0
Custom CrosshairGraphics, Interface1.208/11/20221.0.0
Custom TroopItems, Troops1.7.726/01/20231.0.3 & Beta 1.1.0
De Re MilitariTroops4.2.519/03/20231.1.0
Detailed Character CreationGraphics1.5.0.5006/04/20231.1.2
Distinguished ServiceMechanics5.2.126/11/20221.0.0
Donate Food To Towns And CastlesInterface, Mechanics1.0.113/03/2021e1.5.8
Don't Stop Me NowMechanicsv1.18.408/03/20231.1.0
Drastic BattleMechanics1.0.3.2 ( (Beta 1.1.0)
Economy TweakInterface, Dialogues1.165.1 (1.170.1)18/12/2021e1.6.5 (Beta e1.7.0)
Equipment in encyclopediaItems, Interface1.1723/02/2021e1.5.7
Elite Pay RiseMechanics1.110/03/2023Beta 1.1.0
Europe 1100Total Convertion?06/05/20231.1.3
Extended FamilyMechanics1.2.224/03/2021e1.5.8 & Beta e1.5.9
Family Control (ex Pregnancy)Mechanics1.1.001/05/20231.1.3
Fire Swords, Polearms and AxesItem1.1.2.125/04/20231.1.2
Fluted Helm With FaceplateItems1.014/10/2020e1.5.2
Forge For MeMechanics1.1.311/03/20231.1.1
Fourberie (Cunning)Mechanics12.1.1.016/05/20231.1.3
Friendly LordsDialogues, Mechanics1.0.105/12/20221.0.2
Give Horders After DeathMechanics, Troopsv1.0.506/02/2021e1.5.7 & Beta e1.5.8
Governors Handle IssuesMechanics1.0.114/03/2021e1.5.8
Grip My AxeMechanics1.0.006/01/20221.1.4
Hats and StuffGraphics1.020/11/20221.0.1
Hot ButterGraphics, Mechanics2.0.402/04/20231.1.2
Humble PaletteGraphics1.3.029/09/2022e1.8.0
HungaryTotal convertionVERSION MOVE16/01/20231.3.0
HV's Shield BalanceMechanics2.015/11/2020e1.5.4
Hybrid BlockingMechanics1.2.017/11/20221.0.1
Improved GarrisonMechanics4.1.2.817/04/20231.1.3
Incredible MountsGraphics, Items1.0.320/02/20231.0.3
Interesting ClansTroops1.0.831/03/20231.1.2
Interesting CompanionsTroops1.0.319/03/20231.1.0
Inventory UI OverhaulInterface1.2.729/01/2021e1.5.6
Inworld AI - CalradiaInterface, Mechanics1.0.505/05/20231.1.1
Iron Arm of VlandiaTroops1.8.021/09/2022e1.8.0
Iron Will - KleptomaniaMechanics1.2.121/10/2020e1.5.3
Item EncyclopediaInterface2.111/11/20221.0.1
JourneyStoriesGraphics, Mechanics1.0.028/12/2020Beta e1.5.6
Kaoses Parties SizesInterface, Mechanics1.0.011/01/20231.0.3
Keep Own FiefMechanics0.2.505/03/20231.1.0
Levelling CustomizerMechanics1.0.105/11/20221.0.0
Leveling RebalanceMechanics2.0.508/03/20231.1.0
Life in CalradiaMechanics, Interface3.0.04/09/2022e1.8.0
Looting LootersTroops1.5.7-a123/02/2021e1.5.7
Ludus - Gladiator SchoolsMechanics1.1.327/06/2021e1.6.0
Magic HolstersGraphics1.2.017/11/20221.0.1
Mobile Artillery CannonItems, Mechanics1.1.214/03/20231.1.2
More NotablesMechanics1.008/03/20231.1.0
More Raiding - A Raiding and Mayhem ModMechanics1.1.121/04/2021e1.5.9
More TroopsTroops1.2.401/11/2021e1.6.4
Mounted Slash Camera -now with Couch Lance Assist CameraMechanics, Graphics1.1108/01/2021Beta e1.5.6
Mount and Warcraft RebornTotal Conversion7.218/05/20231.0.3
No Cheer On RetreatMechanics1.0.0.017/01/2021e1.5.6 & Beta e1.5.7
No HUD_PhotoMODMechanics2.0.025/10/20221.0.0
No RelationMechanics1.1.028/08/20221.0.3 & Beta 1.1.0
NPC Master TrainerItems, Mechanics1.1.106/11/2020e1.5.0+
PaesantLordMechanics2.0.112/01/2021Beta e1.5.4
Party AI Overhaul and Command RebuildMechanicsv1.0.3f19/02/20231.0.3
Party Screen EnhancementsMechanics, Interface1.6.1125/10/20221.0.0
Perfect Fire ArrowsGraphicsV6.029/03/20231.1.2
Petty KingdomsMechanics0.2.029/08/20221.0.3 & Beta 1.1.0
Plague and DiseasesMechanics1.0.7.128/06/2021Beta e1.6.0
Please Don't DieMechanics1.0.020/06/2021Beta e1.6.0
Plot LordsMechanics1.6.4.225/11/2021e1.6.4
Profitable WorkshopsMechanics1.0.410/09/2022e1.8.0
Promote to noble troopsTroops1.8.021/09/2022e1.8.0
Raise Relation With Town And VillageMechanics1.6.226/01/2023Beta 1.1.0
Raise Your BannerGraphicsV9.203/04/20231.1.2
Raise Your TorchGraphicsV5.203/04/20231.1.2
Random EventsInterface, Mechanics1.1.309/05/20231.1.3
Real Combat SoundSound2.504/04/2022e1.7.0
Realistic Battle ModMechanics3.5.801/04/20231.1.2
Realistic Battle SoundSounds2.9.013/05/20231.1.3
Realistic Female TroopsTroops3.008/05/2021e1.5.9
Realistic Weapon CollisionMechanics, Graphics1.5.211/01/2021Beta e1.5.6
Realistic WeatherGraphics1.3.219/05/20231.1.0
Realm of Thrones (GoT mod)Fantasy, Total Conversion4.030/05/20231.1.4
Realms ForgottenFantasy, Total Conversion1.1.213/04/20231.1.2
Rebuild Looted VillagesMechanics1.0.117/03/2021e1.5.8
Recruit EveryoneMechanics1.3.213/11/20221.0.1
Recruit Prisoners Right AwayMechanics1.0.3 (1.0.4)10/06/2022e1.7.2 (Beta e1.8.0)
Reign of Sword - new weapons packItems1.523/10/2022Beta e1.9.0
ReligionsMechanics, Dialogues1.0.1 ( (Beta e1.6.0)
RTS CameraMechanicse4.1.1925/10/20221.0.0
Scum and Villainy - Organized CrimeTroops, Interface, Mechanics23.0.029/12/2020e1.5.5+
Separatist Crisis (Star Wars mod)Total Conversione0.1.114/01/20231.0.0
Serve as soldierMechanics1.1.117/03/20231.1.1
Shield UI FixInterface1.0.011/05/20231.1.3
Siege Tower FixMechanics1.1.008/10/2021e1.6.3 & Beta e1.6.4
Smith Stamina Regen AnywhereMechanics1.009/11/2022v.1.0.1
Start Campaign MarriedMechanics0.0.630/08/2022e1.8.0
Swadian HelmetsItems1.113/10/2020e1.5.2
TaletrisNew Game1.0.029/06/2021e1.5.9
Tetsojin (Aka. Ronin)Total conversion1.0.206/04/20231.0.2
The Battle for Helm's DeepTotal conversion1.014/11/20221.0.0
The Hyborian AgeTotal conversionModules27/09/2022e1.8.0
The Land of SikaTotal conversion1.5.030/12/20221.0.2
The Old Realms (Warhammer Fantasy mod)Total conversion, Fantasy0.3.315/01/20231.0.3
TML Tweaks ModMechanics0.3.227/10/2020Beta e1.5.4
Today We Feast!Interface, Mechanics1.1.0.003/03/20231.1.0
Tournament EnhancedMechanics1.5.8.13 ( (Beta e1.5.9)
Transmog - Cosmetic EquipmentItems, Mechanics2.0.715/03/20231.1.1
Troop DesignerUtility1.6.5 (1.7.0)11/12/2021e1.6.5 (Beta e1.7.0)
Twitch Chat BannermanUtility, Interface3.2.001/03/20231.1.0
Ultimate Mounts REFORGEDGraphicsfix 1.2.019/11/20211.0.0
V's Faction Armouries RewrittenMechanics1.6.1.320/08/2021Beta e1.6.1
Vanilla Banner ReplacerGraphics1.7.228/07/2022e1.7.2
VexillumGraphics2.017/02/2022e1.7.0 & Beta e1.7.1
Vikings StormTotal conversion0.3.204/05/2022e1.7.0
Vladians helm with visorItems1.017/10/2020e1.5.2
War CryMechanics, Sound4.1.029/10/20221.0.0
WarLordTotal Convertion1.427/04/2022e1.7.1 & Beta e1.7.2
Wheel of TimeTotal conversion1.521/06/20221.7.1
Working Traits ModMechanics1.407/11/2020e1.5.4
Workshop AdvancedMechanicsv1.0.105/11/20221.0.0
Wrath of the NorthmenTotal conversion1.12.205/04/20231.1.3
Xmas 2021 Special BM168Christmas Items1.026/12/2021e1.6.3
Xorberax's Cut Through EveryoneGraphics1.1.030/12/2020Beta e1.5.6
Xorberax's Terrible Voice ActingMechanics1.0.003/10/2021e1.6.2

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"...Modders aren't working for Taleworlds or players, they're chasing their own dreams..."
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Multiplayer Mods

NameCategoryVersionLast updateCompatibility
(Multiplayer) ARM (Armor Replacement Mod)Multiplayer items124/11/2020e1.5.4
Bannerlord FirewallTools120/05/20231.1.4
Bannerlord Online ModMultiplayer?30/04/20231.1.3
ModPackBREMultiplayer eventhotfix13/05/20231.1.3
Calradic CampaignMultiplayer event?13/05/20231.1.3
cRPG IIMultiplayerv6612/05/20231.1.3
Full Invasion IIIMultiplayer0.1.105/03/20231.1.1
General LordsMultiplayer1.0.1008/10/2021e1.6.3
Hot Butter (MP)Graphics1.0.323/01/20231.0.3
M&BII Warband MultiplayerMultiplayer?20/05/20231.1.4
Persistent EmpireMultiplayer0.5.217/05/20231.1.3
Swords & MusketMultiplayerMusic additions/fixes01/03/20231.1.0

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!!! READ HERE !!!

...I reach the words page limit, so we have to find a way to insert upcoming new mods...

- first option: delete old mods starting by last upload date, than I delete the old one on list

- second option: divide the page into two posts, called "Singleplayer mods 1)" and "Singleplayer Mods 2)", this would avoid the cancellation of the old mods keeping a historical memory of this list

PLEASE, tell me what metod you prefere and I will add it for the future

Thanks :wink:
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Does anyone know why no mod is working with 1.53? Leveling Rebalance for example it's compatible with 1.53, but it's actually not. Same with many other mods. Nothing works.
Does anyone know why no mod is working with 1.53? Leveling Rebalance for example it's compatible with 1.53, but it's actually not. Same with many other mods. Nothing works.
...Others have had same issue with "Leveling Rebalance", you can check here:...

...on the Bannelord game mods list, if you have more than one mod active, try to deactivate one at time, till the one you like doesen't works correctly...
I´m not that in Mods, but i would hope to see Settlement Icons work again.
...It was updated by another modder:...

...it seems working with e1.5.3, not on Beta e1.5.4...
...better if you look at the "Posts" to have more infos about it:...
Yes, seen it to late and it caused crashes a lot. So maybe it has a place in your list?
On the other hand, it is the third modder for that specific mod.
uh i play only the latest betas so... i hope for a version that stays stable between them, because i get sick for searching every quest. i think the latest stable version i see is 1.5.2.
uh i play only the latest betas so... i hope for a version that stays stable between them, because i get sick for searching every quest. i think the latest stable version i see is 1.5.2.
...At the moment I prefer to add mods with recent compatible versions e1.5.3 or Beta e1.5.4...
You can delete "Battle Speeches" from the Mod list, as it is officially dead and mostly deleted from Nexusmod due to copyright issues apparently
...Thanks for info, i'll updating the list asap...
...can you tell me more about this "copyright issues"...?
...Thanks for info, i'll updating the list asap...
...can you tell me more about this "copyright issues"...?
As far as I understood the speeches were from total war or so. Idk the author said that he stopped working on the mod due to lack of resources and that he deleted everything because of the copyright issues.
That statement is in the "posts" tab from the mod
As far as I understood the speeches were from total war or so. Idk the author said that he stopped working on the mod due to lack of resources and that he deleted everything because of the copyright issues.
That statement is in the "posts" tab from the mod
...Thanks again... (y)
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