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Hey guys!

So, I had my fair share of fun with unmodded Bannerlord, and decided that it is time to start some tweaking and tinkering, and to facilitate this process I wrote this app, that allows you to edit units` skills and change\add armors and weapons.

First iteration is a Web app - it is super easy to use even for ppl who never modded anything.
I provided a detailed instruction on a website where app is hosted (click "read introduction" once you are there).

But in two words, - change whatever it allows you to change, click submit and download, and use this new file instead of original one. (back original up tho, to be able to revert changes!)
Nothing to install or configure, just "move and replace".
You only have to do it in one specific place - Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\SandBoxCore\ModuleData.
file in question will be called "spnpccharacters".

Now, since this is a pure frontend web app - it is limited in capabilities (no access to your file system etc), and I was kind of pushing to the limits of frontend app (takes quite a lot of memory already, and has noticeable load time to start it), so I decided that next step should be a desktop app, with advanced functionality.

But I thought, that web app might still be useful to folks, who just want some item\skill editing right away.

here is my gitHub if you wanna be updated on that future desktop version.

, or if you want to fork, and change something for your personal version, here is a source code

Potential issues, future features etc.:

I could not find any issues, and for me everything worked smoothly, game never crashed or anything, but I can`t be 100% sure, because there are thousands of items and units, and just MAYBE some weird combination of items can cause some bugs, if we were not supposed to use them...
In theory however, items that are fed to the app, are coming from another original game files, so, they should be fine.

If you find out, that game crashes in some rare or specific scenario - leave a note, and I will take a look into it.
Be warned though, that this tool was meant and developed for vanilla game version, and it works with original game file.
It was not tested on a heavily modded game.

Also, if you want to suggest a feature for that future desktop version - feel free to leave it here. I cant guarantee that it will be possible to implement (I just started looking into Bannerlord modding capabilities, and haven`t figured them all out yet) , but at least I will know what ppl want to have, by the time I start working on it.

currently app is hosted here
happy modding!

p.s. I am posting it here, because forum does not allow me to post in "community tools" or in "open source", where it probably would fit.
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