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Hi, thanks in advance for any help! I'm working on my first mod for Bannerlord and I've run into an issue. In my module, I am trying to set up some conversation replies such that I can have different replies for the same type of conversation depending on the NPC. Unfortunately, it seems the only variables I can use to do comparisons are numbers (level, age). So I can't actually check who the CONVERSATION_NPC is (by name or id, which is a string as I understand it). I want to do something like this in conversation replies:

"Hello! My name is {CONVERSATION_NPC.NAME}. {?CONVERSATION_NPC.NAME==Mitela}How dare you approach me!{?}Good day, sir.{\?}"

But, it seems the comparison operators (==, > etc.) only work on numbers. So I can't do the above. The below statement does work:

"Hello! My name is {CONVERSATION_NPC.NAME}. {?CONVERSATION_NPC.AGE==44}How dare you approach me!{?}Good day, sir.{\?}"

Does anyone know if there's a way to do a string comparison here so I can check NPC name? Or, am I wrong and there's a way to check a numerical ID? Also I would love to be able to do a relation comparison.
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