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Tested it yesterday, still impossible to play multiplayer on linux. Will be possible when either battleeye works on proton/wine or when devs release server code.
Well, the good news is that with the steam deck coming out soon and Valve promising to work towards Linux compatibility for all games, anticheat support for Linux might actually become a reality.


Can anyone help with getting .net installed ive tried numerous version of proton and proton-ge Ive tried the newest winetricks and an older version and it always fails on dotnet40. The weird thing is yesterday i managed to get it installed but my machine crashed and the prefix had some corrupted files so I deleted it. Deleted all my steam stuff and started from scratch but now I cant get it installed. Mods do not work oob but do work with dotnet 4.7.2 as I got the mcm working yesterday before the crash.

I have no idea why its not working now

Okay managed to get dotnet installed by setting the proton version to 4.11 installing dotnet with proton tricks then setting it back to a newer version and running the game
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Given that Proton support for BattleEye is now opt-in, can you Taleworld add said support?
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