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Yes, but I removed mods.


So for me Bannerlord lags consistently in the menus and in the game modes Campaign and Sandbox, whether in the menus, on the map or in battles (even in 5 vs 5 battles) it lags or stutters all the time, even with the worst graphics settings. What makes things even weirder now is that I can play custom battles (even at 500 vs 500) and the multiplayer lag freely. I think it is because of a broken game file. Does one of you know how to fix this error.

(have the game checked for errors on Steam, do not use mods, have updated the driver, Windows, BIOS. Has everything brought nothing.


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Personal experiences:
If you are using HDD, I would suggest you move game files to an SSD. Sometimes it worked for some games.
Or check the CPU usage, don't make it too high.

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We have a special performance build to check for these issues by collecting telemetry data. With that data, we can see exactly where and when the game's performance issues happened.
  • Switch to “perf_test” from the Steam betas tab. You can also use the "perf_test_beta" for the most current beta build-related issues. You can find more info about it here.
  • Open the game as usual and proceed to the stage where you are experiencing performance issues.
  • Before the performance issues start, toggle the profiling tool by holding the “right shift” and pressing the “T” key.
  • Record for 20-30 seconds, press the toggle key combination again. Please keep in mind that, the more you record, the more upload time it will require.
  • Find the "test.tmcap" file in the "...\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client" folder. You can find the "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord" folder inside the games installation folder.
  • Finally, you can send the file to us via the ticketing system. You can find more info about how to upload files to us with the new ticketing system here.
  • It is appreciated if you provide more information about your PC, what you were doing while the game was recording, and your graphics configuration. If the data you are trying to upload is too big or the site fails to upload, you can use an alternative site to upload your data. If you choose to do that please left a reply to this thread with the download link.
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