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Yes, but I removed mods.


Recently decided to play Bannerlord again : kept on crashing. Both my monitors will black out (indicating that my GPU driver crashed[?])
When the screen is back, bannerlord shows the following errors. First error is one I had with a few mods so I disabled some of them, then only the 2nd error shows up only. Even when I had disabled ALL mods, it always shows the 2nd error.

Error message when I had all my mods installed and loaded :
d3d_device_->CreateShaderResourceView at rglGPU_device::create_texture_from_image failed! The GPU device instance has been suspended. Use GetDeviceRemovedReason to determine the appropriate action.

Error message with either NO mods / some mods installed :
"d3d_device_->Map at rglGPU_device::lock_texture Failed! The GPU device instance has been suspended Use GetDeviceRemovedReason to determine the appropriate action."

Then of course, once I exit all of these. Radeon software also tells me that
"We detected a driver timeout has occurred on your system"

Crashing happens randomly, I can go playing for 5 minutes to sometimes 20 minutes. I crash on the world map, mid battle, etc.

Interesting note is that when I had partial of my mods loaded, I decided to afk in a town and pass time there. I managed to reach 40-50 minutes without crashing so I thought I found the mod which caused it but as I played for about 5-10 minutes now, it crashed again.

I had also tried rolling back my GPU driver to the previous one to no avail.

Is there any fix for this cause I seriously have an urge to play Bannerlord again as I discovered the (World War) mod. Thank you.

Summary: Game crashes at random with or without mods in random time intervals though I never really last longer than 20 minutes.
How to Reproduce: Play the game

Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 10
GPU: ASUS Dual Radeon™ RX 6600 XT OC Edition 8GB GDDR6
GPU Driver Version: 22.1.2
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x
RAM: 16GB 3200Mhz (2x:cool:
Motherboard: Gigabyte B550i Aorus Pro AX
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SN550 1TB NVme

If it matters, video settings are on the High Preset. Motion Blur, Film Grain disabled and FPS limited to 75.

CPU and GPU is on factory default (not oc'd). Smart Access Memory turned on. I've also tried using the (Undervolt, Overclock) preset for the GPU in the Radeon Software in hopes that it could fix it but nope. Also, this only happens to Bannerlord and not a single one of my other games crashes.



Decided to try and play 1.7.1 and put my mods (Updated for 1.7.1 too ofc). back in since the crash didn't seem to be because of it anyway.

I managed to last an astonishing 26 minutes before encountering the crash again during a tournament.

Decided to re-launch and crashed about two more times doing the tournament but one time had a different d3d error.

and it popped up the error quite a few times so I dragged it all around to see if there was any difference.

Stopped doing the tournament just in case, that was the cause of the crash but crashed about 1-2 minutes in again when I just left so I'm probably gonna give up trying to play this game rn I guess.

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Community Support
This crash is a GPU crash. Which is different from the other crashes that can be caused by gameplay actions. While we are still investigating the issue there is not a definite fix that we can offer on this issue at the moment. You can try the workaround below but please note that it is not a solid fix. Thanks for reporting. Sorry for any inconvenience.A possible fix for RGLGPU_DEVICE::LOCK_TEXTURE Crash
If you are crashing in the middle of the game with the “RGLGPU_DEVICE::LOCK_TEXTURE” error, you can try the workaround below to fix it:
  • Expanding the swap size on your hard disk. You can find more info regarding this here.


Ok, I'm an absolute clown cause I really have an urge to play bannerlord.

So far, 2 days in. I have been able to play without encountering the problem by reformatting my whole computer. I played hours yesterday and more today and so far so good.

I will update if I crash again and attempt the band-aid fix presented by support if it happens.
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