Bannerlord is not what I expected, even in "early access"

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I dont know if the devs read the reviews on the game on steam, so therefore I will just post my review on steam and here as well.

So, after having played the campaign for a bit, I have to say im a bit disappointed. I do realise that it is still in "early access", and such, but it is still waaaay too buggy.
If I could only say one thing I wanted them to change, it would be the quests. First of all, there are only 5-6 different types so it gets a bit repetitive just a few hours in. Second, especially the "family feud" quest I feel like the devs just made a huge joke out of. I absolutely despise the part where the game wants you to look for some girl who is always in the opposite site of the village map. I know you can ask the villagers for help finding her, but they so f***ing slow. And when you finally manage to find her, and have to persuade her to come with you, the villager finally catches up and I experienced that he/she will glitch the conversation in a way so you have to restart the game to play on.
Either, get rid of this quest completely, or a major rework of the quest and the villager mechanics will definitely be needed!

As much as I hate to say this, the game is not what I expected after so much waiting time. A game released in 2020 has to be better than this!
I could also get into the "clunky" combat mechanics and a lot of other things that need a change, but what I have written above made me so angry after 10 min of looking for the girl, that this is want I want to see changed the most.

I would recommend that buying the game in its current state is a waste of money, maybe wait it out a few weeks or a month before buying it, untill we are atleast a few patches in.
The weird part about all the bugs and stuff is that usually most people are not able to reproduce someone else's bug. As if only some people have some bugs and others have other bugs. It's really weird that you almost take a gamble on what bugs you get when you buy the game. They need to fix that and afterwards start introducing some of the functions from Warband back that we need in the game.


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Feels a bit like Beta did for Warband, where the potential is there, but some major fixes and changes need to be deployed (class system is a bit bleh and Battle/Duel are sorely missing from MP).


Seeing the basic and lacking bugs they got running, I cant really see how those trailers even 5 years back which included more features. That are not even in early access to be tested are even gonna get implemented, but I still got hope. It was just overwhelming how unfinished it was compared to the promised features. Atleast after playing the beta which hit a greater part of refinement at the end
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