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Bannerlord Fixes

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Fix the hideout with more options because if i have more than 30 soldiers i want to attack with all at day or take your troops at least...i cant win if the game pick empire recruits vs archers, 1 Kingdom eat all the others in 4 years or less , i want to camp like warband, change formation size with your mouse wheel for example, improve the level system (less time to improve your abilities) , Archers skill ( my archers cant shoot, and enemy bandit archers dont fail any shoot , you can fix this with missing shots for low tier troops because is a nonsense (my elite archer fail more than a bandit) , the family feud bug mission (you cant speak with the angry man) , High tiers weapons/Armor in capitals (i cant see high tier armors in any city of khuzait / vladia/ Battania etc , only empire) and the last thing is the IA for sieges when you defend because they open the door without orders in the worst moment.

Anyway Taleworlds Thanks for this game i like it so much i only want to help you because i love mount and blade.

(Sorry for my english)
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