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Bannerlord Duel Ranking Official (North America)

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This thread will be adjusted and updated upon the completion of every duel tournament hosted in North America that is set to the standard of a 1H Weapon.

Currently, this is a mix between previous tournaments and players rankings within them, as well as a collection of opinions based on some community input. If you are upset about your ranking or feel that it is wrong, you can always enter a duel tournament and prove us wrong.

I am working on a system that will be able to gage a players skill, so for now this is what we will be using. This is a TEMPORARY system until a better once is found / implemented. Good luck duelists :smile:


Like I said this is going to be updated after each NA duel tournament if you're upset then enter a tournament and do well don't know what to say. This is a gage of the last two months not the last eight.
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