EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 4 - Sign Ups Open (56/56)

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Just a reminder that we are still looking for additional captains. If we don't find them among signed up people, anyone who wish to be captain can sign up over limit and they will replace last signed up person.

Also 2 potential captains can't play unless we move it to 16 CEST, after sign ups are closed I will make pool if thats somehow problematic for people.
A small proposal: maybe we should include player statistics from last Beast in auction, so captains can choose more wisely? Or at least name division, the player played in.
If we play at 16 CEST I should actually be able to
Name : Sharky
Nationality : NL
Main Class : Inf
Why you should be a Captain : So I can skip the queue and join the tourney
I confirm that I will be there on both auctions(25.07.2021 at 19 CEST) and draft cup itself (31.07.2021 at 17.00 CEST).

I would like to thank the organizers for this event which is very nice to play.

Nevertheless after reflection I will unregister from the event. My slot of captain and player are free. I will continue to enjoy my vacations quietly :smile:

Good tournament to all
It was another heated iteration of draft cup, ty everyone for participating and congratulations to Castellans for winning the entire thing. Also congrats to Honnouji FC for taking second place and to Wojufiband for taking third place. Badges soon tm.
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