EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 3 - Sign Ups Open (3/56)

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56 players added on main thread, looking for 4 captains
As we need 4 more captains, if we don't get 4 more captains from the people who are currently signed up until tomorrow, we will open captains only sign ups tomorrow at 8 CET, the 4 people who will apply for captains will take the spot of the last 4 people who signed up, it's harsh but we need captains.

auctions done check the teams here will update the thread during the week


Is the tourni start time not bit too early? If it will last 4 hours maybe postpone by 30min-hour so people can have dinner normalish time?


Draft Cup 3 is postponed, Hairless is the new host and there will be a new thread tomorrow. Sorry about that.
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So this thread is getting closed, as series of unfortunate events didn't let us host a draft cup yesterday. New thread is gonna be posted soon tm.

close thread pls @Fietta
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