EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 2 [BDC] (56/56)

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Everyone above added except Zipp0, GTX and Riflex because we already reached the 56 players limit (in less than 4 hours), sign ups are open until 14th February so if any of the current signed up player knows he can't attend please tell me or Hairless about it so we can include other players.

We also need 5 more captains, I know it's easier to come and just play but being Captain is not that bad and you can buy an in game leader easily if needed.

and by the way : Welcome everyone !



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Trash tournmanet , gotta wait 1 month to start this trash tournament and got full sign up in 4 hours..... Obelix is true retard lol
People signed up for a specific date, however me Tyrant Obelix and Tyrant Hairless decided to advance everything of one week, if any of you apes can't attend notify me or Hairless, I will update the thread.

Also we still need 5 captains.
Hey everyone, Apriko will make stats for this tournament and the Top 3 players (ranked by average score per round) will receive "Player of The Tournament" forum badges !


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Offering to be captain should put you first in the waiting line.

*as long as there are still missing captains, that is*
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