Resolved Bannerlord does not start from Steam & crashes after Taleworlds cinematic in Native.

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No, I didn't use any mods.
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I can't because it immediately crashes.


This is direct English translation from Turkish thread. I'm doing this because in Turkish forum I got no help since 26th of Dec. so here's the link and the translation:şlangıçta-Çöküyor-ve-açılmıyor.436413/

I bought the game when it was released. I played the game for a while but then I thought gameplay should be improved a bit so I stopped playing (because back then a kingdom was dominating the map after a little time in game). Lately I downloaded the game again. I don't know why I can't start the game no matter what I try. The problem is; after the first loading screen's cinematic (smithing a TaleWorlds sword) I usually click ESC immeaditely. Whenever I click ESC game crashes. If I wait to next cinematic where Nvidia and other brand logos appear, since I see the Knight with banner on the bottom right corner game crashes immediately. By the way my game version is exactly: e1.5.5.252158 community-fix 2.4.0

I made some research about this online:
I uninstalled and reinstalled game (3 times)
If I start the game on safe mode, it still occurs.
I don't use any Anti-Virus program.
I have my GPU Driver up to date.
C++ and some other Microsoft softwares were already installed. But I installed them again.
In the game files there's a folder called CN, people say deleting a file in that folder solved their problem. I did. It didn't work.
There's a mod called modfix for the poeple who have this problem. I downloaded and installed it. Still couldn't find a solution.
After all of it I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Still same problem occurs.
If somebody can help me about this problem I would be glad.
Thank you very much."

This was the original thread in Turkish forum and it was on e.1.5.5. After that there's another patch released called e.1.5.6. I immediately installed it but right now I can't even start game on Steam. When you start the game on Steam there's a interface coming in and you choose your mods etc. I can't see it. Whenever I click start on my Steam library, the game shows like it's starting and it immediately closes. I looked up game folder and found native starter there. Whenever I click and start native on game folder the earlier error in the original thread occurs again and in addition: A DLL error in the pic: Seems like one problem wasn't enough for me, right now I have two.
Thanks in advance.

My hardware & software is:
Win10 Pro Version: 20H2 (OS Build: 19042.746) x64
Motherboard: MSI B450A Pro Max
CPU: Ryzen 1600AF Six Core Processor
RAM: Team T-Force Vulcan TUF Yellow 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL19 (Runs at: 2400MHz CL16)
GPU: Inno3D Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti
PSU: Zalman ZM700-LX 700W PSU
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Community Support
Community Support
Hello, i will inform the devs about the issue. Meanwhile, can you try deleting the Shaders folder and verify the game again?
C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Shaders
Please note that Windows need to show hidden folders first.
You might want to have a look at our crash checklist. Please let me know if any of the steps in there you haven't already tried helps with the issue.


Thank you very much. I will be doing as told in crash checklist. I looked up at it a bit. Seems like I might have to be uninstall and reinstall the game (for clean installation). This might take a while as I have 6-7mbps speed. But I will inform you about the situation. Thank you very much, your attention is appreciated (:


Yeah, I checked up the crash checklist you sent. I've done everything in line, right now I'm trying to download it again for clean install. It might take up to 6 hours. I will be informing you after clean install. (Tonight in Turkish Time Zone) Thank you very much.


Good morning, download has been finished. I clean installed the game. Now it starts with no issue, I haven't start the game yet. But my starting problem is solved right now I guess. Thank you very much biblo, seni seviyorum. (ily)


Community Support
Community Support
Hi, i am glad i was able to help and the problem is solved. Please let us know if you encounter any other issues.

King Regnar

Hello! I am facing the exact same problem as mentioned above.

I have tried all steps mentioned, also i did a clean uninstall.

I uninstalled the game, uninstalled steam and went and deleted all Steam Folders including mount and blade folders in steamapps.

Then i deleted mount and blade folder in "Program Data"

I deleted mount and blade in my documents, also files in c:/username localapp folder. I searched my whole PC for anything with steam or mount and blade and everthing was gone.

After deleting i installed steam again, and then mount and blade on a different drive just to make sure.. I ran the game as Administrator but it still crashes after the intro...

I have tried for days and days looking for a fix.. but i cant seem to find anything.

Here is my crash log: 2021-01-20_13.11.29_d30085e878ea9e7a1ac2075247d4486b

Please help me.. - Thanks
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