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If you are really, really, really desperate for that grass blog then we can at least give it some thought, sure.
That would be a 180 deg. turn from the current state so we may overdose on the news too quickly... Extremes are never good. I will remain calm waiting for what comes next. For me personally, it is really positive sign that I and other forumites have got this Smalltalks with You since yesterday. I keep my fingers crossed and have a great honeymoon!


This is absolutely golden, you made me laugh so hard it parched my throat. You're a talented madlad, they should hire you as "community jester" (not the silly one, the amusing one) and put you on their payroll. Since the forum is already a wasteland we could at least have some fun and share some good jokes and hijinks.


Can I borrow this?
Of course! You can even use it with these values
so that it will create 10 different blogs which you can post in upcoming 30 months :wink:
desperate for that grass blog
Grass blog explains a lot about this slow development actually... oh... you are talking about real grass... I see

Jokes aside, if there is nothing to share, there is nothing to share Callum, you can't do much about this and it's fine. We know how fast development works and you are not a developer whip, you are CM. But a lot of stuff mentioned in these dev blogs is either taken out from the game or implemented in a more simplistic way. I think you should make a dev blog about content that you were supposed to put and told in development blogs but decided otherwise and won't be in the game anymore. We asked this from Dejan already but it's better if you create a blog since it's also published on Steam Blogs where everyone sees.


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a "we look at all past blogs and tell you what wont be happening anymore"-blog would be nice actually <.<
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