Need More Info Bannerlord Destroys My Internet Connection

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Summary: When I play Bannerlord (and Rust) my internet connection drops from 280Mb/s to 8.00Mb/s (no that's not a typo) however as soon as I exit the game the speed goes back up. It only effects my computer and no other device. I have contacted support for my computer, I've contacted Microsoft support for Windows 10, I have contacted my Internet Provider for support as well. No one has been able to fix this issue. Lastly, I come here to his community asking for help. I cannot solve this. (This issue started this month, never happened before.)
How to Reproduce: No idea.
Have you used cheats and if so which: No.
Scene Name (if related):
Media (Screenshots & Video):
Computer Specs:
OS: Not sure. (I'm dumb.)
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTA 1660 Ti
GPU Driver Version: Not sure. (I'm still dumb.)
CPU: Intel Core i7 10750H
Motherboard: LNVNB 16 12 16
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): Not sure. (I have not become less dumb in the past thirty seconds, unfortunately.)
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