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Scene Design Contest Pack​

Greetings modders!

In this thread, you will be able to find all the submissions from the Bannerlord Creative Competition 2: Scene Design Contest. They are all open source, you can find more details about the license here.

Valeria Lookout
Battanian Burial Mound
Abandoned Mine
Valeria Lookout.png

Valeria Lookout2.png
Battanian Burial Mound.png

Battanian Burial Mound2.png
Abandoned Mine.png
Abandoned Mine2.png
Urban Hideout

Urban Hideout.png

Urban Hideout2.png

Smuggler's Descent
Ruined Castle Hideout
Brigands Keep
Smuggler’s Descent.png

Smuggler’s Descent2.png
Ruined Castle Hideout.png

Ruined Castle Hideout2.png
Brigands Keep.png

Brigands Keep2.png
Shipwreck Cove
Ruins of Erandel
Shipwreck Cove.png

Shipwreck Cove2.png


Bolgo Biggums
Forest Ruins

Forest Ruins.png

Forest Ruins2.png

Why not make them part of native ?
Yeah, if the goal is to have each and every bandit hideout have it's own scene, this just seems like a waste of community effort.

The problem is, if it wasn't explicitly stated as part of the contest, the creators could sue for reimbursement YEARS later, claiming they didn't know it would get used as a native asset and now deserve $1 for every copy of the game sold, plus 50% for mental anguish of having their work "stolen".
By submitting your work to the contest, you agree that it will be shared as open source with all the submissions at the end of the contest, to be used in various M&B II: Bannerlord modifications, according to the open source license provided here. None of the submissions will be integrated into the base game.
The rules specifically stated that they would not be integrated into the base game.
The rules specifically stated that they would not be integrated into the base game.
That's clear, but I don't understand why not. Could have custom loading screens for these scenes giving credit to the authors like "Created by XXX for the Bannerlord Creative Contest 2"
I think the point of this all creative contest are ( in arhitecture , design and so on ) - is to "fish" for ideas. The Dev's can make similar scenes with the same principles that could be 65% similar and integrate them in to the game officially. They can also hire the modders as part-time map makers for them to do them under contract with different modifications and that way they are under Taleworld contact of intellectual propriety. They can also make offers to the modders to be involved in interesting projects in the future. They need talented people and now they have a "short-list" of them ( that prove they can work with the modding tools ).

Based on the ambitions of the game - the fact that each month some 10 maps [ done by ex-modders hopefully part time collaborators ] can be made for the game is a good thing. Bannerlord can have 30 new scenes that receive the stamp of Taleworld approval in a short time. Of course this modders can not work full-time and do not have the staying power of a Dev but they can offload some time/work from the Devs so they can concentrate on other things.

They may be a need for the future for some 300-500 maps/scenes to be done...someone has to do them.
I think the point of developing the modding tools and empowering the community is to actually use the benefits of that work in some way back in to the game ( vanilla ). ( Of course there must be agreement, credits provided, some type financial compensation, community events invitations, trips to Turkey for vacation and visiting the game studio - it must be something that should have a benefit and bring happiness for the people involved ).

I was watching some old development movie with the map editor and it says there 8 years ago. Imagine what could have been done by the community in 8 years if all they did was maps for the game. As a plea to Taleworld : let the kraken loose and release some of the creative control and let the community explore ways to help you. If they pass your "standard's" & what they achieve fits with your vision - you should find ways of integrating that work in to the vanilla and provide opportunity's for the modders. The safest approach is to stick to the maps & 2D art & music as they do not impact in any way the grand vision of the game.
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