[Bannerlord Beta] [OLD] "Battle Fights", "Advanced Custom Battle" e "Ehnanced Battle Test"

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...Sembra essere possibile giocare una custom battle (chiamata all'interno del gioco "Battle Test 0.2.1 for Bannerlord b0.8.1") modificando i file della Beta di Bannerlord...

...questo sarebbe il risultato:...

...il sito dove e' spiegato come fare e' cinese (ho tradotto la pagina in inglese con google translate):...
https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv4269091 <--- Fonte originale
https://translate.google.it/translate?hl=it&sl=auto&tl=it&u=https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv4269091 <--- Traduzione inglese

N.B.:...ora la si puo' scaricare comodamente da ModDB:...

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...Questa nuova mod per la Beta di Bannerlord si basa sempre sulla mod "Battle Test" di cui ho parlato nel post precedente ed aggiunge un sacco di nuove features...
...inoltre viene costantemente tenuta aggiornata da @Bloc , attualmente e' disponibile la versione 0.2.5...

Alright folks, I would like to share something that I was working on for a week. You all probably saw the Custom Battle mod that is around everywhere. This is not so much different from that one. However, when it first came up, I decompiled the .dll's and some Taleworlds .dll's and made another version. This version includes the following

  • Map selection - You can now select maps and play around. I will explain the caveats of this below.
  • Custom changes in position and some random values - This is important. You will understand when you read steps for first item
  • Battle Morale - Now your soldiers can run away from the battlefield if they see that battle is lost already. I also made them drop their weapons so that they will run faster like a real deserter. This applies for enemy too, so you can always slaughter the cowards.
  • Battle Horns - Yep. You heard it right. When you give your orders, depending on your order, you will signal your troops with different horn sounds.
  • Battle Chanting - Well... Not quite chanting but when they are marching, they are periodically making grunting sound a couple of times to make it more like an army that is trying to scare their enemies.
  • Winning - Now when you win the battle, by either killing everyone or letting them run away, you will see good-old text at left corner saying that you can leave with holding tab, and how many people you actually have killed. If you are so bloodthirsty or just didn't notice that information text, you can always understand that you have won the battle by the cheers of your comrades. Yes. They are showing human-like animations now
  • Controlling the Bots - Either while you are alive or dead, you are now able to control your soldiers. Don't push too hard for this functionality tho, it's not tested properly.
  • Extra Characters - I added 4 extra characters. Nothing fancy, they are not even the greatest warriors. You can edit them actually if you know how.
  • Environment Sounds - I tried to add music but I failed gracefully. So I added some environmental effects such as wind blowing and so on.
  • Random Weather - So.. This is tricky. I actually added real random weather ( snow, rain, time changes etc ) but Bannerlord kept crashing randomly. So I added random weather fog - which is the safest for everyone. Depending on the luck, it might be too foggy.
  • Siege-like Behavior - This one is the funniest and probably most unstable of all features. In siege map, especially in siege map 4, your bots are actually using mangonels, trebuchets and siege crossbows. They are killing each other as well. So they are not professional. And since they are so retarded, they are stuck at machines waiting for the enemy to kill them sometimes.
  • God Functions - You can change the camera mode with C. You can wander around. If you want to take control of a bot, press F while near it. To go out, press C again. If you press C again while you are flying, you will return to your player character ( dont try that if you are dead ). If you feel like you spawned in a weird place, do the free fly trick. Find a good spot, press L and you will be teleported to that location.
  • Simple UI Elements - Previously we didn't have "hold the tab to exit" or escape menu. Now we have. But ALWAYS, use hold the TAB for stability. Don't go out with clicking escape.
  • Random Crashes - They are not so random actually but expect lots of crashes if you are doing something unusual. I don't work for TW so I don't have a QA master like Meriç, so I can't cover all the problems in this tiny decompiled version

Map Selection and Knowledge Sharing
Map coordinates are not always set properly. I set pre-values for some maps, but not all of them because I don't have much time. Therefore, it's possible that in most of the maps, you can start in weird locations. But don't worry. You can use god mode functions to set that up. Simply click C, become the soul (free camera mode) and wander around. Once you find a good stop that you think everybody should spawn, simply press I (I for information) and read the coordinates. Note that down, hold TAB, start another match but this time use noted down values. You can also use rotate X,Y function too, but it's normalizing the value so it's not always too predictable ( not like a 90 degree stuff ) But if you can try. Same applies for sun brightness as well. Some maps are too dark or just extremely bright. Use that for such cases.
Once you find a great way to fight that wasn't in the game, post here all the values, let us know! So we can also enjoy that.

Download From Here

Latest Version: 0.2.1

I will keep last two version links separately in case of any unwanted effects of the new version.

It's pretty easy actually. Follow the steps
  1. Download the archive file
  2. Use Winrar, 7zip or some fancy expensive unarchiver, but unarchive the package.
  3. You will now see bin and Modules folder. Select them both. Copy or cut then go to your Bannerlord's main directory. You should be able to see same folder names in that directory as well. Your main path should be something like this C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord - Beta
  4. Paste in the same directory. You are ready. If you don't have BattleTest.dll, it shouldn't ask any overwrite, so don't worry.
  5. Now go to bin. Then Win64_Shipping_Client, find BattleTest.bat. If you hate to go in this folder all the time, right click, Send To -> Desktop Shortcut.
  6. Click to .bat or your Shortcut. Enjoy!

Adding Your Own Character
All credit goes to @koiote
To get started, go to
steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord - Beta\Modules\BattleTest\ModuleData
there are two files:
mpcharacters - data on units, their equipment and skills
allitems- item data: armor, weapons, horses, etc.
open the mpcharacters file in a text editor
descriptions of each unit begins with the key <NPCCharacter and ends with a key </NPCCharacter>
Between them is a unique id, unit name, skill indicators, as well as a set of weapons, armor, etc.
copy for example the first unit "Ulfrich" and paste at the beginning of the file, immediately after <MPCharacters>
replace id = "mp_character" with a unique name that is convenient for you. Also replace name = "{= eFWJjaBC} Ulfrich"> with a name convenient for you (it will be displayed in the game

Now take care of equipment
open the table editor (in the example I use Excel 2013) and drop the file there: allitems
it should look something like this:
id column - item id, we need them to add our equipment set to our unit
type column - type of items needed to find a type compatible item
at the very right edge of the table, there are id6 and crafting_template columns. they are similar to the previous ones, but apply to weapons
Now I will copy the weapon with the name (id6 column) dolabra and paste it into our mpcharacters text file, for my character, in this example instead of <equipment slot = "Item0" id = "Item.mp_sturgia_heavy_axe" />
I got <equipment slot = "Item0" id = "Item.dolabra" />
by anology, I pick up a helmet, shoulders, armor and a horse (I remind you that the id and type columns are in the left part of the table to help you)

as a result, my character block began to look like this:

<NPCCharacter id = "Apolon" level = "36" name = "Apolon">


      <! - face_key value = "34.12; 0.4; 0.4568; C07C0000001; 11111211161111; 7010000100000; 11101100010100; 7600407111110; 0; 0; 180000" max_value = "68.79; 0.7253; 0.6852; 11FC0FC03C384F; FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF ; 0; 309101 "/ ->

      <BodyProperties version = "3" age = "20.96" weight = "0.5" build = "0.6" key = "00000C07000000010011111211161111000701000010000000111011000101000000000207111110000000000000000000000000000000000000000000100000" />

      <BodyPropertiesMax version = "3" age = "20.96" weight = "0.5" build = "0.6" key = "0011FC0FC03C384FFFFFFFFEFFFBEFFFFFFFFFFFA97EF7FEFFFFEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF000000FD20AFFFFFF000000000000000000000000000000000000000000289101" />



      <skill id = "Riding" value = "200" />

      <skill id = "OneHanded" value = "300" />

      <skill id = "TwoHanded" value = "300" />

      <skill id = "Polearm" value = "200" />

      <skill id = "Crossbow" value = "100" />

      <skill id = "Bow" value = "999" />

      <skill id = "Throwing" value = "100" />



      <equipment slot = "Item0" id = "Item.dolabra" />

      <equipment slot = "Head" id = "Item.merchants_hat" />

      <equipment slot = "Cape" id = "Item.battania_cloak_furr" />

      <equipment slot = "Body" id = "Item.monk_robe" />

      <equipment slot = "Gloves" id = "Item.mp_lamellar_plate_gauntlets" />

      <equipment slot = "Leg" id = "Item.mp_lamellar_plate_boots" />

      <equipment slot = "Horse" id = "Item.pack_camel" />





As far as I know, yes. You can't do anything at all without Beta anyway. So you can't even play this without Beta. And Beta is free.. So.. Yeah
I lurked around in the decompiled game a lot.
Most likely no.
Although Bannerlord might suck in the future, currently you have no right to say that Especially by looking at a crappy custom battle mod.
Since I didn't do this for money or something, you don't owe me anything at all. But hey, If you would like to gift me a copy of Bannerlord for Early Access, I wouldn't say no to this nice gesture
Yes and no. Yes you can do that if I change the dll. Perhaps I will. If that happens, yes, you can do that. In this current state. No.
Probably. Depends... Uhm.. No.
Feel free to say anything you want. Good or bad, I would like to hear that.

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...Nuova mod per la beta di Bannerlord chiamata "Enanced Battle Test":...
Version v0.5.3:
  • Keep compatible with Bannerlord b0.8.1
  • Add more maps, including one siege map which is the only siege map that has AI navmesh. Delete the config if you cannot see new maps. Details below.
  • Fix a bug of order UI.

Edit: aggiornato alla 0.5.3:...

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