Bannerlord AI when you go down as commander is horrendously bad

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The only real solutions are to:

  1. Improve the AI
  2. Offer a "commander mode" after your character dies, which mods currently do


Clipped just lastnight. 700+ vs 400+

The obvious visual toing and froing of inf and the weirdly skewered archer line, but pay close attention to the orders feed in the bottom left. Fresh orders are given after my knockdown, then shortly after, chaos. We're seeing something in the region of 40, maybe 50+ seperate AI orders issued. Conflicts in abundance.

I held the high ground prior to knockdown, had superior numbers, so basically the only thing the AI needed to do was hold position. Which is what I would expect once this issue gets resolved, TWs.
best captains ever

Probably would work better if the units were split into 'captain' like groups of 20~ men actually now that I thought about it for a full 5 seconds. If they are going to make it go full retard, they should make it actually full full retard (10-30x groups 20~). It might actually perform what they intend it to lol.


so did the devs design one AI for the enemy army and a dumber AI for our own armies? that makes no sense

There are mutiple army AI's depending on how proficient the army commander is. Looters have one, caravans have one, kings, queens and commanders have different army AI's.
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