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Hey :smile:

So Im trying to add some custom armour into my game but im having some issues that i cant seem to sort...

Im basically adding a skirt to one of the chainmail tops, nothing fancy... I have managed to extract the meshes (using Tpac) and editing them in blender and imported it into the bannerlord toolkit.

Everything up untill this point I seem to have doen right BUT its the cloth simulation thats messing it all up for me... When I try preview the cloth physics or an amination using the armour it either falls to the ground in pieces or all of it floats about in the wind like crazy.

Is there a way to transfer the cloth simulation from one armour to another? Or can someone explain where im going wrong?

Its driving me crazy lol


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Is there a way to transfer the cloth simulation from one armour to another?
No, not really. New/custom meshes require new work.

You might want to look into cloth simulation meshes(any mesh in the resource browser starting with "clo_").

If it is falling to the floor, you need to vertex alpha paint the top ring of edges to have something for it to hang onto.

A visual example for the "floats about in the wind like crazy" would be helpful in troubleshooting it.
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I managed to get it looking as it should in the cloth editor now so thats a step forward lol (I hadnt realised I needed to erase the alpha on the vertex colour... did that and it seems to be fine in the cloth editor now!)

BUT i have now ran into another issue... when I view the armour in the 'model viewer' its messed up... the cloth physics are not working and the mesh is all pointy lol im not sure how to describe. Im confused because it looks fine in the cloth editor so what am i doing wrong in the model viewer??



Iv added pics of what i mean and circled the areas with red... its hard to get a pic because when the armour is static it looks fine its just when its using an animation that it goes funky.... like i said it works fine in the cloth editor so im puzzled ??



These pics show that when its static it looks fine... not sure why when its animated it goes messed up lol....

please someone help me lmao im so confused :sad:
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You have to make sure to save the changes in the Cloth Editor. You might have to remove then readd the mesh in the model viewer.

Those other issues look like rigging problems, look up how to normalize weights in Blender(or whatever 3D software you use), so the animations look the same in game and in Blender.
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Im trying to save the changes in the cloth editor but when i go back into it none of the changes are there? it seems like its not saving :sad: Im clicking the save mesh settings...

also regarding the rigging... The models i added in were rigged to skeletons and they seemed to have the weights already on them. I thought they would transfer over... do i need to redo the weights?

I added a custom helmet that seems to be fine... Its just the armour thats messed up which leads me to believe its something to do with the cloth physics?

Im confused lol





added some example screenshots to show the weights seems to be already there... I spliced two armours together (well the top is a gambeson and the bottom half is a dress) and both were rigged, I just deleted one of the skeletons and merged the meshes together as one mesh that shared 1 skeleton...

Im lost as to what im doing wrong lol
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Ok so I did what you said and normalized the weights (i think i did it right) Its still working fine in the cloth editor and it looks fine in the model viewer while its static but as soon as I animate it goes messed up.

Added screenshots to show the armour looking fine in the cloth editor and looking fine while static in the model viewer







these screenshots show what i mean by "messed up" when its animated (it doesnt have any cloth physics when its animated and bits are floating off it)



This is the resource folder with the mesh so I dont think im missing anything


can anyone tell me where im going wrong?
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im getting this message when i try save the mesh settings in the cloth editor:

"Unable to save cloth mesh Package is protected. Protected items can not be modified."

any ideas how to save it?
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