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I lost all hud for the editor, it duplicates height stats next to mouse courser when looking around in the editor. I cant see what asset I selected. No cirlce for heightchange or anything else.

map was created on 1.5.3

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Were you able yo use the crash uploader after the crashes? It is nearly impossible for us to reproduce most of the editor crashes. With an uploaded dump file of the crash, we can debug the issue. If you are still experiencing this issue please use the crash uploader and send us the crash identifier so that we can find it. You will see the identifier after the upload is completed and you can copy it on the dialogue window.
Also, if possible, can you upload the scene file and send us a link to it? So that we can check it internally.
If you're facing crashes/bugs with the scene editor, please RAR/ZIP the scene files and upload the RAR/ZIP to There are 2 folders located under the below paths with your scene name:
  • WOTS\Modules\SandBox\SceneObj
  • WOTS\Modules\SandBox\SceneEditData
Make sure to add both of the folders into the ZIP/RAR file.
Insert the following into the "Description" field when uploading the RAR/ZIP file:
  • Forum username
  • Link to your bug/crash report thread
I got the hud back, but i celebrate too soon, the test map function still crashes the editor, I will try upload a chrash report and upload the map files.
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