Bannerlord 2 Coop is a must be !!!

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Our plan is to only allow 1x time or pausing when any player is in battle/settlement.
yep. this is making it either way boring or way to clippy. imagine having a game which is interrupting you each time the other guy is in a battle/siege or you need like 5 hours to get to the opposite side of the map. its possible to do that, but i highly doubt that it is fun playing like that.


Nobody here heard of the bannerlord online mod made by storm? They did a great job and clan system is coming soon


I see a lot of hate on this thread, I think the game is fantastic and the updates have been consistent and meaningful. I first off want to tell the developers that they have done a stupendous job so far with the game. I'm not a tester or developer myself, this is just an average gamers opinion. Seriously, to anyone who has had a hand in the development to this game, thank you. I would like to see coop implemented though, I have played the game while streaming on discord while they were playing and streaming and the same conversation always comes up, we want coop. I understand the challenges with this idea, but honestly me and a couple of other I know people I know personally want this implemented in the base game so much that we don't really care how it's implemented. Long story short, I would like to be yet another voice that advocates for a coop campaign. Maybe a coop campaign isn't possible, but a coop sandbox would be just as good. Please, don't disregard the idea, me and lots of other players would be ecstatic if any form of coop was available.

Anyways, thank you for making a truly amazing game and have a great day!


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Co-op sounds great; but I'd much rather TW focus on core features (at least for the time being). In the long-term better an amazing single player experience then a good co-op one.
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