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hello i have been playing bannerlord online and while i was farming my game crashed giving me a error saying

application crashed because of a fatal error occured while checking sound bak files.

re-validating game files may solve the issue (triet didnt work) :/

-file(s) : *.bank
-error : validation failure
i have tryet to find the bank sound files and deleted them and validated to restore them and see if it worked sadly no :/
i have tryet deleting every file and uninstall the game and all files i have been able to find didnt work sadly :/
i hope someone in this forum may know a solution or perhaps and idea that may help course cant even play game without mods or anything :sad:

thanks in advance Greybear :smile:


Please let me know if there is any fix haven’t got to play in a week now I have zero mods fresh install to my pc


Hi, i just had same bug, and find a way to resolve it.
Go to Desktop > Display Settings > Sound > App volume device preferences
You must have opened Bannerlord Launcher, Set Up correct sound device on Bannerlord, lunch the game. Works for me :grin:
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