Bandits Overhaul

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Just like we have clans and minor clans, Bandits clans should be a thing:
-Two for each faction.
-Both have numerous groups going around, their strength is based on a factions poverty and security.

Lord/Freelancer vs Bandits

-Vanilla hideouts remain the same, except that they are just the small tier, easy to take hideouts.
-Once you take a small hideout, you can choose to either kill the leader of this small hideout, so you can have a clean area for a while, in case you're in a war and need to take care of a bigger issue,
Or you can take the leader prisoner/let him go in exchange for information about the location of a bigger hideout.
-Big hideouts are actual hidden fortresses that require effort and strength to take down, there's always the sneaking route that allows you to take down part of the army or to find another entrance in order to make it easier, but you still have to siege it down. Once you take it, you can choose to kill the leader on a duel just like before, but it's an actual challenge to take the leader down.
-The benefit of taking the leader down is getting his armour, and the player can now choose to take control of the fortress for his own, starting the Bandit leader route.

Bandit Route

-You can lead Bandits, get an income depending on the strength of your operations and how well your men are able to loot villages, and caravans
-You can form underground caravans with stolen goods.
-You can form alliances with the recruiters on towns depending on their personality, so they get you recruits (they will be recruited as bandits) for a fee, and you can bribe certain lords so they let you go around towns and villages without getting attacked. Other more honourable lords will chase you and consider you an outlaw.
-There could be a way to join as a bandit to one of these factions and move your way up until you take leadership too.
-Manhunters will chase you and will make assassination attempts when you get into towns
-You will be an outlaw only in the faction you're set in, however if you start raiding in other factions you will be outlawed there too.
-You can take other bandit hideouts and use them for your own, allowing you to expand your operations around the whole continent, so you can become a bandit king.
-You can't join a faction, but you can form your own with your resources and lead with bandits as your force, but manhunters will function as bandits and will constantly harrass you, also, it will be harder to convince lords to join you.

-Manhunters are added back into the game, but as a universal faction that acts independent for the sole act of hunting bandits.
-You can help them as an honourable member and hunt bandits for their reward
-You can give in leaders and faction heads to them for gold rewards and special equipment
-After doing a numerous amount of quests for them you can hire special manhunter troops for your own, which will be high rank troops but will not be broken or op compared to high rank troops from actual factions, but function as a cheap way to get good troops for your long term work.
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