Bandit Hideouts

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I like the hideouts but would very much want to see hideouts improved so they are more interesting and useful to players.

Players should have the option to openly raid them with their party, but keep the option to ambush at night adding a renown bonus and allowing a retreating party to keep prisoners from the ambush for a bigger challenge/reward option that could help with early renown building.

One way they could be changed that makes sense to me is to reformat them into a small ambush skirmish event with two or three point capture spots. With player teams being replenished from the party and the rounds last as long as each side has the numbers to make a team and the player remains in action.

I like that the hideouts are challenging but they need to be changed somehow to make them viable/more useful to players who are still in the early stages of the game. They also strike me as a good option to help with building renown earlier/generally in the game.
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