Bandit Hideouts

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I would like to raise the question to the respective developers about the Bandit Hideouts being a bit too powerful. In my playthrough I am going around with a party of Sturgians in the Northern regions and I there are 5 hideout between Revyl and Omor alone, a few more to the east. All of the them have 4 stars/levels, 20-30 to units inside. And this feels a bit unbalanced to me compared to other regions as it really hurts the economy of Sturgia, with all the roaming parties going against farmers and caravans. Additionally not being able to choose members of your party that you want to take with you to attack the hideout doesn't help really in rooting them out, as it takes me 1-3 runs to clear a Sea raiders hideout with the random units I get + companions (I have a good number of elite infantry units in my party).


Make sure your best unit are on top in the troop list, just after the companions you want to take with you. Game will pick them when you enter hideout. I generally put elite archers/xbow on top or elite cataphract, depending on the situation and the type on ennemy in the hideout.
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