Bandit Hideouts need to be rebalanced.

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I wish I could just hire mercenary's to specifically just hunt bandits and only bandits, preferably horsemen so they cant be out ran.
I can't say I have done more then one or two. But I find it funny they make me wait till the middle of the night to do them. Then as soon as I crouch and snipe one dude. they whole camp seems to come running at me. It's like whats the point of attacking at night then?

I'm an experienced warband player, and I'm having trouble completing the higher level hideout quests. It's night can't see anything. I'm supposed to be ambushing them but shooting one guy in packed hideouts means one fire-side shout brings 30 guys... oh and it's 30v8. So now you have 3 groups of 10 archers and you're stuck in the crossfire! What tactical genius thought this was a good idea for an ambush?! NOT FUN.


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I also think its weird that you can do auto battle for [field battles], [raid villages], [attack caravans], [sieges], etc, but you are forced to manually fight against [bandit lair].

Maybe options like:

- wait until night and do a ambush (go in yourself);
- send in your troops now (chance for bandit chief to escape, heavier losses on your side as they can use traps against your troops, etc);
- wait until night and send your companion as the ambush leader (risk of hero dying if he fails)

unless you are doing a major quest and there is a special event inside that forces you to be there


Just attack the hideout, kill however many you manage to kill and retreat. Come back a bit later and repeat, until you can handle it.
Boring I know, but at least you can easily take down any hideout.

Another cheese tactic that works on anything but the biggest camps is Flans or companions with good bows and you with a couple of shields playing chase with the bandits. Taken down camps with 30-40ish bandits with that.


No problem currently for "realistic" damage and "good" AI for 60+ bandits lair, it's stupid that it won't let me use all 8 Khans guard instead choosing from between 2-3 troop below me in the party menu though.

The real issues is unable to choose whom I want to bring and I need to wait for several days even I can kill 15-20+ bandits per time. To bring random piece of Sxxx into the battle means to put my Khan's guard to random death and forces me to load more than I need to. Also the dumb AI doesn't help also, something the dev do to the night sight make my tier 6 troop stand inside a steppe bandit lair and won't attack while shooting to death by some steppe bandits on top floor in their lair.

( Those 280 archery and riding legend are quite hard to replace in game. )


In veta1.5 Bandit camps(hideouts) are now too easy, 13 enemies plus what you encouter after that.. it was fun to win bandit camps where were 70 enemies or more (some challenge in game) Of course in start game it was little hard sometimes, but there were some tricks that you could do that there would be so much enemies on camp in start.. but now hideouts are TooEasy :sad:.


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Not sure if 70 enemies but hideouts are now too easy for sure. It looks like they do not scale at all with time.


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they just need to fix armour. low tier archers shouldn't do that much damage to units with the best armour around.


I don't think bandit hideouts are that tough. I start every game by playing the early game clearing bandit hide-outs. With low level troops, companions that aren't levelled yet, and my mc having low combat skill levels, I'm still able to clear bandit hide-outs. It's challenging, but I think it should be.
Bandit camps are alot easier now because bandit numbers are fixed to do able amount whereas before they could be very high - 10 attackers - 50 defenders.


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Please let's not go back to having 10 troops vs 40+ forest bandits because that wasn't worth it. Even if you succeed you probably lost 2/3 or more of those troops.
Using tactics is key--at least in 1.5.3--to taking hideouts in early/middle game with minimal or even no losses. It seems the Devs meant these missions as exercises in issuing timely squad tactical commands:

1) F1-F2, Z (crouch), equip bow/crossbow (don't know if javelins would work, as I never use them)
2) sneak close to closest bandit group (preferably uphill to them), and try for headshot.
3) Immediately press F4; then F1-F3--allowing missile and melee party members to pitch in, and wipe rest of pocket.
4) After tangoes are toast, immediately F1-F2 to corral party; then repeat on remaining pockets.

Early game, with low weapons skills, lousy still rough. But it's still doable.

The only changes I'd like to see from the Devs in this is addition of:
a) "Surprise hit damage" buff--like in Fallout, to up the odds of a 1-hit kill on first shot; or at least maximize non-fatal dmg.
b) Slight enhancement sneak % so I can get a little closer to optimize that first shot before alerting bandits.
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