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[size=8pt]The Trayned Bande is an event-only institution aiming to offer players, who would not normally be able to join a clan for whatever reason, to participate in The Deluge events alongside our semi-historical & organised clan, the Bande of Pike & Shotte. Players who wish to play alongside the Lucky Dogs in events would contact either the Captain, James Digby, or Serjeant, Richard Flockton, to register their interest & we would then communicate whether it is possible or not.

We will initially offer a limited number of places in the Trayned Bande for each event - our intent is not to boost our numbers but to allow other players to enjoy the experience of fighting in a 'sleeve of shotte' firing volleys and performing drill upon the battlefield.


There are several reasons why you might wish to participate in events alongside the Lucky Dogs. For example you may not have the time to commit to, or wish to be a part of, a clan but still wish to come along to a The Deluge event. This is where the Trayned Bande element comes into play. There is no commitment necessary beyond doing your level best to attend events. We do have some rules we would wish any who wish to sign up to be aware of;

Firstly; Choose a suitable period name for your character - we have a 'zero tolerance' policy towards naming and we will refuse to accept anyone who sports an avatar name which does not fit with the mid-17th century.
Secondly; If you sign up please make sure you do your best to come along to events. We do understand life has a horrible habit of getting in the way of plans, particularly when it comes to fun things - if this should happen we would only ask for a quick message prior to the event to say you are unable to attend, as a matter of polite courtesy.
Thirdly; That you listen to the commands given by Captain Digby & Serjeant Flockton & that you don't cause disruption - that means no team-hitting, kicking or killing. We work together as a team not as a group of delinquents getting quick 'lols'.

[size=8pt]If you are interested then contact either his Honour Captain James Digby or Serjeant Richard Flockton via steam or contact us, (Digby, Flockton) by PM on the Taleworlds forum. If you have any questions or concerns or just wish for more information then do message us and we will do our best to respond quickly.


The ensigne, the standard, of the Hoary Hounds depicts a red coated musketeer upon a white field with scarlet tails. Unlike the Lucky Dogs banner it omits the St. Georges cross, a sign that the Hoary Hounds draw their members from various countries. Access to the ensigne is given to those who have fought upon the field several times with the Hoary Hounds as a badge of their service, if you will, with the Hoary Hounds.


Members with their names struck through have moved on from the Hoary Hounds.

As requested by Hoary Hounds, here is a signature or two for you, featuring the musketeer from your banner;

For those who wish to be mysterious with their signature...


...and for those who wish to announce it to the world.


RESIZED to fit with Orchid's Drill & Muster signature;



Hey, could you change my name from Nickolai Oglovetsky to John Cooper, the Noble son of a barrel maker  :grin:
Hoary Hounds are welcome to join us this Saturday evening for the 'Organised Warfare' event!
Contact me on Steam.

It's also worth noting that any folk are free to join this group to play alongside the Lucky Dogs if you're not tied to a group already and desire some company for the Deluge.

And as an additional note, three of our number have been struck off the muster list for the time being. Their time with the Lucky Dogs has come to an end as they pursue their own means of earning coin. Luke Horton, Jalombi Matinpoika and Anselmi Kalervonpoika have taken their muskets up in the name of the Cossack cause - it's almost shameful. The Finnish sons are welcome to fly the flag again if they return from the east and make for Sweden once more.  :razz:
Hounds, have a care! We muster at the inn at 19:00 this eve, so bring your weapons - powder and shotte will be issued and then we march to the field of battle. Do not get pickled at the inn - we need you to be somewhat near sobriety for when we meet the enemy!


Knight at Arms
It's an honour to join the Dogs in battle for the first time! We will show the enemy who's boss!
His Honour & I wish to thank those Hoary Hounds who turned out tonight. Whilst the event was a bit of a wash-out for us, we still had a dashed good time on the Lucky Dogs server.

So thanks for coming along and we hope to see you at the Drill & Muster event on the 10th!
Indeed, His Honour worked his fingers to the bone producing that. Well, he worked his fingers to the bone counting the coins to pay for it...

Just look at the amount of black thread used on it. The extravagance.
Who paid for our battle banner then?  :shock:

It totally wasn't pilfered from some poor Parliamentarian sop's carriage train after the Marston Moor debacle.


Grandmaster Knight
Feel free to spread our gospel, Hounds:




For those with limited space in their signatures I suggest using TinyUrl to make the URLs slightly shorter. :razz:
Updated the links for my signatures, will pop yours into the Event thread Orchid - cheers for doing that, greatly appreciated. I feel like an idiot now for not thinking of it myself :grin: Have a 6 scilling extra on top of your pay good sirrah!

Added two upscaled versions of the signature to fit with the size of Orchid's event one. If you chaps need the HH signatures resized to fit other images in your forum signature, please do say!
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