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Well i just got a little bit bored and i saw a friend hacking in singleplayer.
So I thought why shouldnt i.
but im scared of getting banned.
Can i get banned for hacking in SP?


Cheat codes? No, you can't get "banned" from singleplayer as it isn't monitored.

Well unless you create a map of your school I suppose.


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nah not cheat codes, i mean like downloading a hack
Seriously, downloading mods like from here
Is a normal thing players do and only effects your single player game and you can't get in trouble for it. However be careful the mods you use work with the version of Bannerlord you have or else it won't start or may crash often and such. Read what you're installing thoroughly, many mods require other mods to work too.


If i have to guess the only way you might get banned is if you download a crack of the game. (a free full copy of the game you found on a website)
Apart from that mods or cheat codes are all fine and fair in SP . For some campaigns you might need some cheats or mods to achieve your goals and interesting playstyles or simply being able of having more mechanics.
If your friend downloaded a crack of the game just don't do the same. You can find games for dirty cheap on some websites and overall is just wrong to do such things. People work on games and if you are a worker, creator, supplier you know damn well that you should get paid for your service
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