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Ban request for LeadSpark

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I am requesting a ban for a admin-impersonation/team-killing,

Offenders name: 1st_RGJ_Grd_A_Leadspark
Server: NW_NA1

Leadspark teamkills my friend and myself beginning of the round,
he justifies his action by saying, "****ing campers" when in fact we
were the higher scoring players on our team. I told him I will be reporting
to the admins in which he responded by saying, "I am the admin".
The map changes, within 30 seconds of the first round he attempts to teamkill
again, and the following round after he team kills me for the final time and 4th time
all while impersonating an admin. I can provide screenshot upon request.

I trust that this is not the behavior or actions of an admin representing NW_NA1.

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