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Baltic Sea OSP Map - is there any?

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So right now I am trying to develop a viking SP project for warband and I am of course trying to get a new map. I already failed miserably a couple times trying to make one so I decided to come here and look for one. After searching on the boards and finding any I decided to ask you guys if you have seen a OSP map or someone willing to lend me theirs.

What I look for is a map of the baltic sea with the lands of norway, finland, denmark and swedden.

Please post if you know anything.




A map I made: #7 in http://bbs.mountblade.com.cn/viewthread.php?tid=237069&extra=page%3D8

The baltic region is part of the map, but has some level of details.


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I'm in awe.

Downloaded all maps from the link. Most likely I'll never use them, but heck, I'm going to keep them like works of art.
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