Baldur's Gate remake on the works

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You know, at this point I'm hardly worried.  If it were just about anyone else I'd be concerned, but Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of the best cRPGs I've played in years.  If anyone can produce a worthy sequel, it would be them.


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Yeah holy ****, this is big news.

While I thought DOS2 was great, I don't think it was 9.5/10 great though. Many months after playing it I now feel it was 'amazing' but I remember being frustrated over a lot of time wasting in the game(inventory management was terrible, lots of back and forths with walking). I guess there's just a lack of such games recently.


I hope Baldur's Gate 3  doesn't suffer Half-Life 3 syndrome, and not precisely because of sharing number 3... and please, in real time, like the classics.  :mrgreen:


Real time with pause is what allows for solo runs, which is what I prefer over party management. You millennials and your turn based combat...


Both can be great. Larian certainly knows how to make Turn Based great though, that's for sure. I'm open to either.


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Go for the eyes, Boo!

Part of what made BG special, was the clunky 2nd ed DnD, and the rather archaic user interface.

There's a sliding scale of realism(effort involved in something, which then feels realistic) versus convenience. BG is pretty far down on the realistic/labor-intensive side of things, by today's standards, which is something that will dissuade a new generation of players - if it's replicated.

The same goes for rules and feedback - pop ups and HUD kills the immersion, and the convoluted rules were themselves a quest of epic proportions to understand.

Ah, nostalgia is a strong feeling. I still have TuTu installed...


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Managed to finish my first game of baldurs gate in 2012, after buying it on ebay in 2002.  Bought BG2 in 2004.  I realized I hated my ranger who had weak weapon specializations and I realized I wanted a fighter multi class to mage so I restarted.

I think I got stuck in the last fight before returning to candlekeep, the big fight in Baldurs gate.  Think if I can just collect all the stat increase books I'll just export.  I got tutu installed and no experience cap.  Also installed BG2 but haven't done anything in the past 5 years since I got my new desktop.


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It's a huge undertaking to complete both games and expansions, and many of the best items and solutions are hard to find - especially towards the end of BGII/TOB.
By the way, this is going on right now
tuning in and out of the stream, the thing is buggy, but looks okay. The dialogue system is beyond weird, but I guess one can get used to it. Really like the D&D feel of whole thing.
I was never really a fan of turn based combat but after playing Divinity Original Sin I don't mind it. Will be looking forward to this.
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