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Jhessail said:
I hate the people in the comments who say that they bought several copies in order to support Beamdog to make BG3. FFS, these hacks are incapable of even creating a paltry "enhanced edition" properly, how the hell do some people think they could manage an entire game?

I was kind of appalled at the effort and the money they ask for. For $20 I'd expect something like BG with NWN graphics and running flawlessly at the very least.

*prepares to be lynched*


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No, seems like a fair view, for a $20 "re-make" of a perfectly fine and amazing game you at the very least better deliver a stable product.

Hopefully, this will ensure that no one trusts Beamdog with anything of this nature again.
Merlkir said:

I remember telling Seff on IRC or MSN or whatever, back when he told me there was a remake coming out, that I wasn't really interested as it's hard to improve on something which was so awesome to begin with, and it would probably be ruined in the process.

I am now totally vindicated. Sounds like all that's added in the 'enhanced' edition is a couple of new generic characters and Commander Shepard failing at being a balding middle-Eastern monk.


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Oh ****, this just gets better and better:

The game has no END cinematic anymore, hope it will be fixed soon @_o
Kill Sarevok -> instant Main menu ; no cinematic, no generic, nothing.

Also, turns out Overhaul Games had 13 people working full time on this POS for about a year. And this steaming pile of crap is all they have to show for.

Compare and contrast it to the enhancement projects on Thief 2 and System Shock 2, which were done by a few individuals, part-time, in secrecy:

And they are legit, done by former LG-employees who had access to the source code. Makes Trent look even bigger of an greedy asshat.


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It hasn't passed Apple's Quality Control yet, either, due to all the bugs and ****. This is glorious.  :mrgreen:
some moron on BG forums said:
I think too many gamers are being too hard on the BGEE team. They only had 13 people working on it, and for a team that small, the amount of stuff they've done in such a short amount of time is impressive.

Whaaaat? An impressive amount? They've nicked half the stuff that the modding community worked on for years! And made it worse.


Only 13 people, boohoo. Apparently none of them were 3d modelers, as they couldn't be arsed to redo the graphical assets. It just all sounds so terribly amateurish, like most successful Warband modding teams would punk them easily.


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PC Game Germany gives it 69% and slams it hard. Also revealed is the mindboggling fact that since there's no German voice-acting, Beamdog decided to remove English voice-acting from the BGEE as well!

Don't buy this if you have a laptop that uses an integrated Intel graphics chip, or a MacBook, or any other display adapter that doesn't support OpenGL. Beamdog didn't know how to transform their version from OpenGL to DirectX, so some customers are ****ed. "So sorry but we got your money, so **** you, buy a better laptop" is the line on their forums.


Jhessail said:
Also revealed is the mindboggling fact that since there's no German voice-acting, Beamdog decided to remove English voice-acting from the BGEE as well!

Geez, these people are hilarious.


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In case you were thinking of getting this just to experience the new content, don't. Here's a little story:

I did the new area added for the Wild Mage's quest today, a wooded area ravaged by Goblins:

I diplomacied (certainly a word) the first Goblin I saw which made all of the rest in the zone non-hostile and then accepted a quest from a nearby woodsman to find his wife. Upon entering the Goblin's cave at the end of the zone, I was immediately attacked by the first Goblin. I suppose he didn't get the memo from the other first Goblin that I was a cool guy. I had a chuckle that all of the Goblins in this zone were equipped with Composite Long Bows which require 18 strength to wield while Goblins have a mere 9 strength. Next, I found a newly added set of magical hide armor improperly coded as it was wearable by my Monk (they should not be able to don any armor), so I equipped it to him, noted the corpse of the woodsman's wife, burried her and moved on. The Goblin leader, a big, white Hobgoblin was next and he rewarded me with 20XP just like every other Goblin in the zone. I looted some empty tables and moved to the final area which had a decent fight with some Wizards and let me moan at the awkward new party member. The NPC I rescued gave me a magical girdle which, when identified, ended up being a normal girdle. Finally, I informed the woodsman that his wife was dead, buried, etc; he thanked me, rewarded me with no item, no XP nor reputation so I left the zone. This was advertised on their website as 4 hours of content - it took under 20 minutes and was a broken mess.

I have yet to enter the Nashkel mine and I'm close to just restarting in BGT. Bleh.

I'm starting to wonder if the incompetence knows no bounds? 13 guys, working for about a year, with ample support from the modders and this is the result?





I just saw it. Larian seems quite busy these days.

I have no doubts the gameplay will be good. I wonder if they will keep the turn based combat from DOS or will go with real time with pause.
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