Baldur's Gate remake on the works

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Bannerlord, Cyberpunk and BG3 coming out this year. Looks to be a good year for RPGs.

And yeah, I'm glad it's turn-based. RTwP adaptations have sucked so far. Games trying to have both, even more so.

As a long time fan who's quoted BG2 lines for a decade, if not longer, is BG3 worth playing? I love Larian, but I dunno if I wanna play BG3 before it's complete.


I already got 60 hours out of that first act before I stopped playing. It's already a pretty great game and tons of fun but at this point I'd rather wait until I can play the whole story. Though with the content they keep adding if you played for a bit and came back later at release it'd probably still feel fresh.


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I played through Early Access once (at least until I hit level cap and found zone transitions that were restricted) right after the launch and had quite a bit of fun. They've made improvements I agree with and pushed out another base class (Druid), but I'm still going to wait for a proper release before hitting it again. I'm looking forward to it as much as I was before EA launched, which can't be said for some other EA games. :iamamoron:
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