Bald character, shops have only socks


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I'm done with this game and won't ever play it again after this, this is the second time in where I'm near day 1000, and have my own kingdom, and all of a sudden my game is corrupted and my character is bald,everyone is related to each other, and I can't buy anything from the shops because they have nothing. I fixed it when it happend during my second run through by rolling back my save, I tried to do the same this time and nothing was fixed. It's been fun playing this game but I can't bear to start all over again when I was enjoying it. This is suppose to be viking conquest reforged and yet they're still having problems like this.


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this is not a official answer, but as a well know issue I will add my 2 cents:

save corruption is a Warband engine issue, so it happens on Native and any other module. The only thingy you can do is to keep backups.

It is also a very random problem (thus why Taleworlds never fixed it). You can visit the Warband support forum and post there if you want to, but after 10 years or so it is unlikely they will act on this problem.

best thingy a player can do is to use multiple save slots

edit: and if not playing on ironmode (auto save) a player can always try to check the automatic backup file... and restore from there.