SP - General Badly-balanced Tier V pieces in Smithing.

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Most tier V Warsword blades have abysmal damage (at least according to the Smithing menu screen). Here's a few examples to illustrate it: (with Golden Warsword Guard, Decorated Fine Steel One Handed Grip, and Northern Lordly Pommel)

Engraved Backsword Blade: reach; 105, thrust speed; 90, swing speed; 88, pierce damage; 43, cut damage; 97, handling; 90.

Decorated Long Warsword Blade: 83, 90, 98, 41, *50*, 99.
Decorated Short Warsword Blade: 84, 93, 101, *23*, *40*, 101.
Decorated Short Warsword Blade (the second, one of many items with duplicate names in-game): 99, 93, 98, *23*, *43*, 97.
Decorated Warsword Blade: 98, 90, 93, *41*, *52*, 94.
Others (Warswords, I mean) have pretty underwhelming stats, especially when compared to the Ild and the aforementioned Backsword, at least cut damage-wise, but these are the absolute worst. There's no valid reason for these items specifically to be so bad, especially since other decorated items are so good.

Also, since I'm already discussing smithing; I would appreciate some more axe pieces. The progression with them seems quite slanted, and there's far too few options for heads and shafts. I'd appreciate some new hafts and heads, even if they're just fluffed, fancier variants of lower tier (I personally like the Northern Hatchet and Fraziska heads for one-handed axes, and the Great Sparth Head for two-handeds, but they don't scale well) pieces, with better stats.
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