[B] SOUNDS of SUFFER soundmod-- Update coming soon, modder needed!--

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Emir Jaurus

just wondering, would it be possible to change the horse sounds (not for the horses themselves, but for mods that have other animals)......of course you have to make sure that the horses didn't use the altered sounds, you wouldn't want a horse that sounded like a cow :grin:


^ Install more metal sound mod first and after that put sounds of suffer files in the same folder where the more metal sounds are, and replace them. There you go! :smile:



Btw the update is coming. I could say that it will be uploaded in 2 weeks.


I asked some help in the modding section and let´s put the post also in here:

Hello, O you wise men and women (?)

I have this mod, sounds of suffer, thread can be found here:


Right now there are 32 different death sounds but we could make for example to 60 if it is possible. The only problem is that I dont know anything else than making horrible voices with my vocal chords, so I am kinda lost with this issue. Thats why I turn to the people who know these things better. And that is you.

Can someone friendly fellow help me with this issue? I need modified file (dont know what) that I could make more pain and death sounds to the game. I am using my mod with more metal sound mod, so it uses it´s sounds.txt file.

Also painyell sounds could be doubled.

If someone gets interested, please post back here. And I will mention you in our mod as a coder or what it in heavens sake could be, but you´ll get credit for your work and humble virtual bows.
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