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Version 1.1 for Mount & Blade Warband 1.158

This small modification tries to enhance the illusion of bigger maps.

My Inspiration was the original modification done by TheWitcher. Alas, there was none for Warband so i decided to give it a shot myself. This is my first mod and i hope it works as planned.
All the borders (Desert, Steppe, Plains, Snow) are included!

I recommend strongly that you use the Realistic Colors Mod by Lucke189 since my Textures are created in contrast with those. With the Native Textures the borders don't look as good.


M&B Nexus: Download 1.1
M&B Unofficial File Repository: Download 1.1


Modelling, Texturing - Me.
Inspiration - Original "Panoramic Mod" by TheWitcher for old M&B.

Tools used:

3ds max

If you want to use Expaned Horizons in your mod you are free to do so.

Thanks for checking! If you encounter any bugs please contact me or post here :smile:


This looks really awesome. Congratulations on your first mod :smile:

edit: And welcome to the community :smile:


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Finally tried it out. Good job.
Although the clouded sky early morning sort of clashes with the blue colour in the plains texture:

Looks relatively fine here

but then I turn towards the dark clouds



Thanks for all the comments! M&B Repo link is now added.

Yes, that is one issue i am currently working on, green Textures and the Lightning System make it very hard to find a good result. I hope i can fix this next week :smile:


Updated to 1.1! Now, a better Plains Texture is included. I tested it with all the Possible Skyboxes and everything looks good now.

However, i tested it with the Vanilla Textures and the Borders don't look good at all. Therefore, i strongly recommend anyone who is using my Mod to use Realistic Colors since i created my Textures in contrast of those.

Thanks and Have a nice Day!
Very well done, Openshaw! :smile:

I gave your horizons a try and like them a lot - actually I have been waiting for this!
I used TheWitcher's mod for original M&B and always thought it to be an enrichment.

Since I am using Polished Landscapes, which also modifies terrain_borders, it doesn't blend in perfectly with your fine horizons for me. I uncommented the terrain_borders entry from PL in the module.ini and let it load yours instead, but there are some aesthetic issues. It works though.

Although I will not use your horizons together with PL because of the aforementioned, I have to state again that I do like your work very much and thank you for sharing it! :smile:

If you ever take a shot at making your horizons aesthetically compatible with PL - I'd be the first to install it! :smile:



Hi there lucky lancer!

Sounds like a good idea! I only tested Polished Landscapes once and i can't really recall how the borders look there. Will download Polished Landscapes this evening and investigate. If it is not too complex maybe i can do a version for Polished Landscapes (but not guaranteed.

Gutekfiutek made his Polished Landscapes for Warbands 1.125 - some other people made it running on the later versions.
Recently someone uploaded a version that works with 1.132: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,122423.720.html.
There are detailed enough installation instructions, I think...

Just mentioning this to spare you the time to browse through the whole PL mod thread. :smile:

Good luck with your efforts to make it compatible with your horizons - should you decide to do so!



Thanks for the link lucky lancer!

Ok i just installed PL and took a slightly modified mesh and merged it with the PL Borders, the Plains look good, the Steppe needs some color fixing, Snow looks terrible (too much height, it covers the sun), and the desert needs special treatment since it seems PL does not have a modified desert border included.

Here is a small preview (plains and steppe):

Nice!  :shock:
I like where this is going! :smile:

Yes, the desert areas seem to end quite... abruptly with PL. I've noticed that too.

Looking forward to your further efforts! :smile:


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That looks great (PL).
Also tried the new version - with native textures - and so far it looks great.

I see why you recommend colourful textures; the native terrain borders are hideous:
But looking beyond that it's beautiful  :smile:


Would you be so kind as to include the terrain_beach ring with the PL release?  :eek:


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Looks amazing. I've used the original Panoramic mod with PL, which looks alright. I'll be testing out this shortly. Thanks for your work.... :grin:
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