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You can now download AutoBlocker! Once the mod is downloaded/installed, be sure to enabled it under the mods section of the game launcher! It should work from there.

This mod allows you to choose your style of blocking!

  • Constant - Holding the block button will cause your character to block all incoming attacks from the enemy you're looking at, or the enemy nearest to you
  • ConstantDrag - Holding the block button and flicking your mouse in any direction, will cause your character to block in that direction without having to click. You are able to customize how hard you need to flick, in order for your block direction to be changed. Lowering the sensitivity enough will effectively make your block change to whichever direction you move your mouse in, instantly.
  • ConstantMove - Holding block and moving in any direction, will cause your character to block in that direction without having to click
  • OnClick(Warband) - Warband-esque blocking. Click your block button as your enemy is attacking to block them. Make sure your timing is right, as there is a slight delay before you can block again. You can't just hold the button down, you have to be on guard
  • Off - As the name suggests, this turns AutoBlocker completely off. At this point, you're doing all the blocking yourself

  • Default - Handles blocking with the shield, the same way as it does with weapons
  • Always Blocking Down - As the name suggests, when blocking with a shield, you'll always block down
  • Block Down When No Focus Enemy - As the name suggests, as long as there is no 'focus enemy' and you're blocking with a shield, you'll always block down. A focus enemy is simply an enemy that you're facing in the direction of, and AutoBlocker thinks is an immediate threat

These options are found in the main menu, and can be cycled through by clicking the AutoBlocker BlockStyle button.

AutoBlocker 1.0.0 Release!

AutoBlocker 1.0.1 Changelog:

  • Fixed arena/tournament bug
  • Fixed bug where player would slightly lose control of horse when trying to block
  • Improved block accuracy
  • Update SubModule.xml to correct mod load order
  • Tweaked how blocks are handled against multiple enemies(Made it so the closest enemy to you gets blocked. Let me know how it feels.)
  • Shortened enemy search distance, so you wouldn't be blocking against an enemy fighting someone else across the map
  • Fixed bug where if you looked too far down or too far up, you'd stop being able to block
  • Toned down the number of 'necessaryMovementFlagSpam' calls to improve performance

AutoBlocker 1.0.2 Changelog:
  • Fixed bug with tournaments where the list of agents to block wasn't being generated
  • Removed unused dll's from the mod files(Hopefully this helps with performance. Big thanks to brandonm37211 for the help with that)

AutoBlocker 1.0.3 Changelog:
  • Fixed issue where enemy agents weren't being assigned as block targets. This was causing many of the issues in the arena/tournament/settlement fights/mission fights
  • Improved performance drastically by changing how player blocking is handled, and how the enemy radar works
  • Added several requested blocking options, which I call BlockStyles. Descriptions of each one at the top of this page
  • Added option in the main menu to swap between different BlockStyles. Option saved and loaded on game start. Enjoy
  • Fixed issue where player would lose all/partial control of their horse when blocking enemies
  • Shortened the search range for enemies, which should improve performance
  • Improved blocking vs multiple enemies. Will target the agent you're actively looking at, or the nearest enemy
  • Shortened distance to where AutoBlocker would take over. This should give you more control over blocking/shieldwork, until you actually need AutoBlocker
  • Modified SubModule.xml to hopefully reduce the frequency of crashes

AutoBlocker 1.0.4 Changelog:
  • Found and fixed several instances where unmanaged memory was wasn't being disposed of(This has fixed the memory leak issue, and your cpu's shouldn't blow up anymore :grin:)
  • Added new BlockStyle 'ConstantMove', See info above
  • Added controller support
  • Changed BlockStyle 'OnClick' to no longer allow you to spam block. Spamming it will only keep you stuck in your current block longer, and will likely lead to you getting hit
  • Changed the way blockStyle 'ConstantDrag' works, to be more efficient performance wise, and later allowing for players to change on sensitive it is
  • Moved enemy finding logic into a timer, rather than being in the application tick. This should improve performance quite a bit
  • The blocking logic now only initiates once you've started blocking, instead of whenever your character is active. This should also improve performance
  • Spent a few hours playing with the mod, and fixing any crashes that popped up(There were a lot of them...)
  • Fixed issue where 'IsPlayerAlreadyBlockingEnemyAttack' was giving a false positive. This would cause the player to lower their weapon/not block, allowing them to be hit

AutoBlocker 1.0.5 Changelog:
  • Added new options menu
  • Made minor changes to blocking logic, to improve efficiency

AutoBlocker 1.0.6 Changelog:
  • Updated options menu
  • Added options for when blocking with shield(Default, Always Blocking Down, Block Down When No Focus Enemy)
  • Added option for ignoring shield when using AutoBlocker
  • Made major improvements to autoblocking vs multiple enemies(You will still get hit if several enemies swing at once, in different directions)
  • Fixed OnClick(Warband) BlockStyle. Should now work as intended
  • Refactored code to pump out even more performance
  • Changed how AutoBlocker options are saved, so future additions aren't so cumbersome to add
  • Player can now look away from enemies to regain control of their blocking. Useful for when you're in a fight, but also need to block incoming arrows

AutoBlocker 1.0.7 Changelog:

  • Shield options no longer disappear when you turn AutoBlocker off for weapons. That way, for those of you who just want the shield to block down automatically, but don't want any of the other AutoBlocker functionality, you have it
  • Completely refactored AutoBlocker's code(Should improve performance a bit)
  • AutoBlocker code no longer obfuscated(For those of you who've wanted to take a look at how it was made)

Important Note On Game Crashing/Not Loading When Starting Up:
If you are having troubles with the game crashing on startup, there have been several reports that installing AutoBlocker with Vortex solves it. Also, try to make sure there are no other mods conflicting with AutoBlocker(Although, there isn't much to conflict with..). In addition to that, you can try modifying AutoBlocker's SubModule.xml file and remove <Official value="false"/>. Besides that, please make sure to go into Autoblocker>bin>win64_shipping_client, right click AutoBlocker.dll, click on properties, check the unblock box, then hit apply. As always, please post any bugs you encounter, and that includes crashes/stuttering/freezing/etc.

If all else fails, and your game still won't load with AutoBlocker installed, please go to your [ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\crashes\], select the most recent crash(Should show the version in the crash report, just before you'd send it to TaleWorlds) and copy/paste the contents of stack.txt into a bug report. FYI -- The ProgramData folder is normally hidden(Open FileExplorer, click the 'view' button in the upper left, then check the 'Hidden Items' button).

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message on NexusMods, TaleWorlds forums, or the Bannerlord Modding Discord @Menthus. Thank you!
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Now able to use against multiple units at once. Wouldn't recommend, as you're still able to get hit if you're not careful.



looks good (y) XD deffently downloading this when u are done XD pain in the ass when shield breaks and cant block anymore
o reminds me sometimes the shield dose not block because it blocks to the left dose your mod also work with moving the shield to the correct direction as well


looks good (y) XD deffently downloading this when u are done XD pain in the ass when shield breaks and cant block anymore
o reminds me sometimes the shield dose not block because it blocks to the left dose your mod also work with moving the shield to the correct direction as well

It works with every weapon and shield! Should be finished pretty soon, so everyone can use it.


By the way, is the auto-block system togglable or..?

At the moment, no. If the mod is enabled, it will do the blocking for you as long as you're holding the block button. I want to get this out to people first, then tackle the monumental task of adding a toggle button in the options menu(Not joking, it's looking like a pain to do).


Bro i'd edit the first post, here's the link to the nexus page:


Thanks, I'm not interested in auto-blocking itself but I would like to take a look to understand how you delivered this, if the mod is open source that is


Nice. But could you make diffrent version similar to autoblock from M&B 1/warband? Player has to press button for every single attack incoming. It's like semi-auto block. This one is too op.
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