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Eventually in the game you come to a point where you have enough income and money where you can afford to train every troop that isn't already top tier.

So when I go into battles with a ton of units, or simply after a day of training, particularly units I got from rescuing as prisoners, which ends up with there being a whole bunch of 1,2 and 3s of different troop, it takes foreeeeeevver to train each and every single stack type of troop after every single battle and training.

I suggest, a toggle-able switch that would turn off and on auto-training of troops in your party that are ready to be promoted, as it becomes incredibly tedious after a while.
I had actually thought of that but forgot to include.

Each troop tree could have a toggle next to the training saying which you want autotrained.

Train swadian footman ( )

Train swadian crossbowman  (X)    -example

when you dont choose either it will randomly choose.
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